5 Drought-Resistant Grass Types in Santa Rosa, CA

Are you tired of exorbitant water bills from watering your lawn? Does the arid climate seem to be fighting against you and your yard? Maybe the answer isn’t more water and attention but a change of vegetation. Consider these five drought-resistant grass types in Santa Rosa, CA.


A midwest native and coveted for its hardiness and drought-resistance. Buffalograss can thrive on just one and a half inches of rainfall per month. It’s one of a few drought-resistant turf grasses in the U.S. Though it works best as an ornamental grass, it can be mowed and used for activities.

Grass Seed Options:
Everwilde Farms Buffalograss Seeds (1 lb. of seeds)
Buffalograss seed (primed) (5-lb. bag)

Leatherleaf Sedge

Leatherleaf Sedge Grass

The copper-bronze foliage of the leatherleaf sedge is what makes it an attractive grass for arid landscapes. It’s waving stems, and elegant form add a bit of interest and movement to your lawn or garden. This is a grass that demands to be seen, so make sure it’s featured prominently. Leatherleaf sedge is easy to take care of, requiring minimal cleanup in the spring before it re-grows. It performs best in full sun or some shade and has no particular preference when it comes to soil type.


bermuda grass

Bermudagrass is a tough and durable warm weather grass that can tolerate heavy foot traffic. Mow it, water it, play on it ….this stuff can handle it all. Bermuda grass stays green year-round in warm climates, giving you that beautiful yard you always wished you could have in California.

Grass Seed Options:
Pennington Bermudagrass Bare Spot (5 lb. bag)
Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass Mix (8.75-lb. bag)
Scotts Turf Builder Bermudagrass (10-lb. bag)
Hancock Seed Co. Bermudagrass (50-lb. bag)

Elijah Blue Fescue Grass

With its blue color and it’s hedgehog-like appearance, Elijah Blue is an excellent ornamental grass for bordering that walkway or integrating some texture in your garden. It grows in round clumps and is easy to maintain since it doesn’t spread into your flower bed.

St. Augustine Grass


Another great turfgrass with a high tolerance for drought. It spreads fast and can do much better under shade than bermudagrass but it does require regular aeration. It can handle full sun or shade. St Augustine grass does most of its growth in spring and summer, going dormant in the winter. This grass is not tolerant of foot traffic so it’s best used as ornamental or for people who don’t use their yards regularly.

Grass Plug Options:
Seed Ranch St Augustine Seville Grass Plugs (2 Trays)
Seed Ranch St Augustine Floratam Grass Plugs (2 Trays)

Choosing a drought-resistant grass type in Santa Rosa can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. If you need help deciding which grass will do best in your yard or help to maintain it, contact LawnStarter today.

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Brenda Ryan

Brenda Ryan

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