How To Keep Water Drainage Off Your Lawn

Have you noticed a drainage issue with your property? Flooding and drainage problems are common for many Huntsville homeowners. Chances are your lawn isn’t using all the water your sprinkler puts out, and it’s draining into your basement. Here are some ways you can prevent this from happening.

dry creek bed

Lawn Grading:

If your landscape grades toward the house, you may be experiencing more flooding. Instead of relandscaping your yard, consider installing a French drain. It works by directing the water away from your house.  You can also dig a dry creek bed and fill it with small rocks.

Pay attention to the water: Where does the water approach the house? That swampy mess in your yard during heavy rains flows to the lowest spot. You can install a drainage or sump pump to redirect the water.

Leave a Gap:

When you install landscaping or renovate, be sure to leave a gap between the mulch and the siding. The mulch can hold onto water and transfer that moisture into the house. A six-inch gap should be good enough to keep the moisture at bay.

Downspouts: rain barrel

Extend the downspouts away from the house and keep the gutters clear so water can flow through. Sometimes the downspouts are too close to the house. Sometimes they empty onto an already saturated lawn. A rock river or rainwater harvesting system can help reduce the amount of water pouring onto the lawn and into your home.

Redirect Water:

You should also consider building barriers and creating a path for the water to flow into the garden or hedges.

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Rachel Vogel