Getting Out of Nashville: Tenessee's 6 Most Scenic Small Town Destinations

Visitors to Tennessee often head straight to Nashville because of the city’s reputation for being both modern and quaint. The skyline continues to grow, but historic streets, such as Music Row, remain largely unchanged.

But this is increasingly not the case for Nashville’s residents. According to the New York Times, many residents feel the loud construction is overshadowing historic neighborhoods, and city officials worry the roads and transit system cannot handle the growing traffic. That’s why you should consider a visit to smaller cities in the state, where many are unblemished by metro growth and known for their local beauty.

Here are the best scenic cities in Tennessee.

Sumner County, TN

This area is only a 40 minute drive from Nashville, full of nature trails and camping sites. Bledsoe Creek State Park offers great views for hiking. Hikers will pass by pristine creeks and lush, green trees and experience comfortable temperatures between 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are other scenic outdoor trails, such as Cragfront, Rock Castle, Taylor Hollow, and Wynnewood. Most of these trails are replete with native plants that are commonly found in Middle Tennessee, such as Loblolly Pine, Northern Red Oak, Yellow Poplar, Redbud and Persimmon.

Lynchburg, TN

An hour and half drive from Nashville, Lynchburg is worth visiting for its colonial architecture. Commonly featuring tall, white pillars, the town’s colonial-style architecture is noticeable when passing homes, courthouses, and other buildings.

An impressive example is town square, where travelers can check out the aged, red and white Court House at the center. The surrounding buildings also make this town square feel centuries old. A side benefit is Jack Daniels’ headquarters is nearby, so whiskey fans will be accommodated well.

Cleveland, TN

A two and a half hour drive from Nashville, Cleveland is a small, friendly community with similar architectural charms as Lynchburg. The Lee University campus is primarily responsible for the charm. The school’s clock tower, a grand colonial-style structure, is nestled in the middle of campus by Deacon Jones Dining Hall. Decorated with gazebos around campus, the Lee University campus is a gorgeous, old-fashioned area to visit.

Cleveland also offers scenic parks. Deer Park is great for a mild stroll—the tall trees offer shade, and visitors can rest at nearby benches. For hikers, they should visit Fletcher Park. With over 70 acres of trails, creeks, and forestry, Fletcher provides visitors plenty of space to explore.

Townsend, TN

This small town is a three hours drive from Nashville, and it’s a popular destination for hikers. Sitting adjacently from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the view of the landscape is picturesque. Mountain ridges dress the whole horizon, and it’s one of the best places in the state to see the sunrise.

Visitors can also see fields of flowers native to Eastern Tennessee, from Geraniums to Black-eyed Susans. There’s no need to deviate far from the town in order to experience the natural surroundings.

Tellico Plains, TN

Three hours and fifteen minutes from Nashville, Tellico Plains is located by the entrance of Cherokee National Forest, a 700,000 acre stretch. The outdoor activities in this area are abundant. The streams allow for kayaking and fishing, and the trails commonly attract hikers and cyclists.

Tellico Plains is also home to the Bald Rivers Falls, an enormous, breathtaking waterfall that spans over 100 feet tall.

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