Winter Lawn Care Tips For Albany, NY

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Winter in New York doesn’t mean it’s time to let the grass grow under our feet. If temperatures are above freezing and there’s no snow on the ground, It’s the perfect time to get a head start on some chores that will make lawn care a lot easier this summer.

Continue Watering

Yes, most plants are dormant right now, but that doesn’t mean you should stop watering. If temperatures stay above 40 degrees, then it’s safe to water any new trees and shrubs you planted last year.

Protect Against Road Saltroad salt

You know what a pain road salt can be. It gets on our cars, it gets tracked into our homes, and it can kill your grass and trees. Salt pulls moisture out of the air and ground, depriving your plants of moisture.  Be careful using salt on your walkways if they’re lined with shrubs or trees. Trees planted along the road are also in danger from the snow plows tossing salt past the curb. Protect them by laying down a plastic barrier around the trunks.

Keep Grass Short And Rake

To reduce the risk of frostbite and snow mold this spring, keep your grass at one to two inches. Dispose of grass clippings and leaves so mold doesn’t have a chance to take hold. Raking will also prevent mice from making nests. For more tips, see “Repairing winter lawn damage.”

Cover Young Barksnowy tree bark

Young tree bark is susceptible to damage in the winter. Rodents, especially rabbits and squirrels, love to chew on the tender bark and deer use them as rubbing posts for their antlers. Fluctuating temperatures mean sunscald is also a real threat. It occurs when moisture in the trunks freeze and thaw, causing the bark to split.

It’s never too early to plan ahead when it comes to lawn care. Get a jump on spring lawn maintenance by visiting our Albany lawn care page!

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Rachel Vogel