3 Reasons to Use Artificial Turf in Visalia, CA

use artificial turf in Visalia, CA

Artificial turf has been gaining traction over the years as an alternative to live grass. There are advantages, and disadvantages of choosing artificial turf for your yard. Whether it be for convenience, to help the environment, or for aesthetics, we can help you determine if artificial turf is a good fit for you and your lawn. Here are 3 reasons to use artificial turf in Visalia, CA:

1. Saves Water

Putting out or turning on the sprinklers every day to keep our lawns green is almost torture. This is especially true in drought-prone areas, like here in California. Artificial turf allows you to get the beautiful, lush, green lawn you want without wasting water. You also won’t have to rely on harsh or dangerous chemicals.artificial turf

2. Provides a Maintenance Free Yard

Mowing the lawn, putting out the sprinklers, weeding and edging can be time-consuming. Artificial turf is nearly maintenance free. You may occasionally have to spray it down to clean off the dirt or fluff it up after some heavy use, but you don’t have to worry about pest control or fertilizing. You can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful green yard.

3. Saves Money

If you’ve read all of these benefits but are still on the fence, how does saving money sound? Artificial turf is more expensive than sod to install, but once it’s in, you’ll start saving money immediately. You won’t have to worry about paying for fertilizers, hiring a lawn service, water restriction fines, or any of the expenses that go along with having a live grass lawn.lawn care

Are you ready to make the switch? Call the professionals!

If these benefits sound good to you and you’re ready to make the switch, LawnStarter can help. We can remove the old turf and install the artificial grass. Our trained lawn care professionals can help make your Visalia landscape beautiful and maintenance free! Download our handy app, visit our Visalia lawn care page, or call us at 1-866-822-1766.


Rachel Vogel