DIY Home Accidents
Statistics 2023

For many people, home provides a safe space away from the troubles of the outside world. The appealing idea of home improvement often leads to attempts at DIY projects that cost less and help express creativity.

Data suggests, that many Americans tend to be more at risk of injuries at home rather than anywhere else outside of it.

Statistics below illustrate the current state of home injuries, the fatality rate of these injuries, and the most significant risks to avoid. 

      Key highlights 

  • In 2020, 200,955 deaths were recorded in home and communities due to preventable injuries
  • Poisoning, falls, suffocation and drowning lead as the biggest causes for home injuries and fatalities
  • Lawn mowers are responsible for 1,000 deaths each year and many more injuries
  • The household poisoning national fatality rate is 3, while drug and alcohol poisoning rate is 4.9.
  • One out of four older adults experience a fall annually but less than half of them report it 
  • American Indian, Alaska Natives and Black children have the highest death for unintentional injuries
  • $222B is the cost of preventable injuries during a lifetime for U.S residents

General DIY Home Accidents Statistics

While it’s easy to dismiss DIY home projects and home activities as a potential threat to the general public’s health, statistics show a concerning reality in which homes represent a less than safe zone for many demographics. With the increase in these activities naturally, there’s been an equal increase in injuries caused due to them as well. 


Based on data, the most accident-prone areas at homes tend to be the bathroom and the kitchen. However, gardens and other house parts aren’t exempt from causing such injuries either. 

Leading Cause of Death in the US
Increase in Deaths in the last decade
Accidental Deaths Yearly
Deaths in 2020 in homes

Death Rates for Preventable Causes of Death, Including Home Accidents

The death rate for preventable injuries for the year 2020 per 100,000 people was 47.4%, an increase of 18.4% from 2019. The death rate in the last decade has increased by 66%

Out of 100 people, 14 were injured at their homes or communities in 2020 alone. Annually home injuries cause more than 30.000 deaths and 12 million nonfatal injuries.

Main causes of preventable-injury-related deaths in home and community, US, 2020

Poisoning is the leading cause of death with 56%

Falls take second place, accounting for 26%

Drowning and choking both contributed with 3%

The other factors only contributed with 1 or 2%

Preventable-injury-related death rates, Per 100,000 Population by State, US, 2020


the death rate for all preventable causes across the US.


the death rate for poisoning all across the US.


the death rate for falls all across the US.


the death rate for choking all across the US.

Gardening & Farming Equipment Injuries

Yard work, gardening, and the likes are all undoubtedly home activities that provide for most opportunities to indulge in DIY projects. Generally, gardening and yard work tend to be the one home activity entrusted to professionals due to its challenging nature and for good reasons.


Data indicate that yard work and equipment are a solid potential risk factor for injuries varying from light to fatal.

Poisoning and Toxic Vapors

Poisoning is the most common cause of preventable injuries at home and not only, it’s also the leading cause of injuries that end in fatality, especially among adults.

The National fatality rate for drug & alcohol poisoning is 4.9 . Meanwhile the national fatality rate for household poisoning is 3. Toxic Vapors are also one of the more common and dangerous means of poisoning.

Accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning is one of the most worrisome causes of death with about 430 deaths reported every year in the US alone, with 50,000 visits to ER and more than 4000 hospitalized.


Falls continue to be one of the most common causes of preventable injuries, especially among people over 65. With the older population projected to increase 55% by 2060 , it’s safe to assume that the rate of falls as a key factor in preventable injuries will also continue to grow in the coming years.


In 2020 alone, around 42,114 deaths occurred due to falls. 

Out of 10 falls, 6 happen at home

With more than 10,000 older American citizens turning 65 every day , the number of reported falls is also expected to increase in the coming years as a result.

1 in 4 adults report a fall annually

According to the CDC more than one in four older adults report a fall each-year. 34,212 adults older than 65 died from preventable injuries caused by falls in 2019.

34% increase in visits to the ER

In the last decade, the number of visits to the emergency department due to concerns related to falls has increased by 34%. Not all falls are reported to the ER.

37.3 million falls treated annually

37.3 million falls are severe enough to the point of requiring medical attention globally each year. Worldwide, 684,000 people die from them each year.

5% of falls lead to fractures

Fractures prevail among the most serious consequences caused as a result of falling, and they happen to 5% of all the people who experience falls.

Every second 1 older American falls

Every second of each day American senior citizens experience a fall, thus making falls the leading cause of injuries and deaths for the older generations.

Home appliance related injuries

Significant contributors to preventable injuries in homes are home appliances and mishaps related to their use. From TV sets and furniture to kitchen appliances, potential harm comes in many forms.


Kitchen appliances, more specifically knives are responsible for a lot of injuries, and unsurprisingly the majority of injuries are pertaining to hands. The term ‘avocado hands’ was coined to describe the injuries caused by accidents involving the fruit and improper knife use. In 2018 there were 8900 avocado-related visits to the ER. That means around 160 visits per week or 24 per day in the US alone. 


Children and Home Injuries

Although in the past decade, there’s been a decrease of about 11% in the rates of unintentional injury-related deaths among children, it still remains as the leading cause of deaths among kids and teens. 

3.5 million kids go to the emergency department because of injuries typically happening in homes and out of those, around 2200 children die each year due to such injuries.


Among the causes for these statistics, poisoning, drowning and suffocation seem to be the most prevalent ones. Falls, fractures, head injuries etc remain as some of the most common causes for emergency department visits. 

Home Injury Fatality Across States

Accidental deaths and preventable injuries are prevalent all around the US however, there is a disparity among which states suffer from the highest rates of fatality due to these injuries. 

Highest and Lowest Fatality Rates in Comparison

Costs of Home Related Injuries

Much like other forms of injuries and accidents, unintentional injuries are also responsible for damaging the wallets of millions of Americans each year. Statistics below illustrate how much of a burden these injuries and accidents are on employers and the general public as well.


In 10 minutes alone, preventable incidents in the US cause 3 people to die, 919 people to have an injury severe enough to require medical attention, and $20.89 million in damages.


The specific cost of injuries due to falls is around $13-14 million annually in the United States. 

Preventable injuries generate $222 billion in lifetime costs every year. Such a high number is a massive strain on the healthcare system and on citizen's funds as well.

For 2019 alone, the total cost of all injuries was  $1,097.9 billion meanwhile, the home injuries cost was  $337.2 Billion.

How To Stay Safe

After establishing the potential dangers of household injuries, the next step is ensuring a safer space around your household for you, your family, and your community. Everyone can take steps in order to make a difference in safety and not be part of the statistics. 

Prevent Falls

Installing handrails around dangerous areas such as stairs could help reduce the risk of suffering from injuries inflicted by falls.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Secure

Ensure that cleaning supplies and the medicine cabinet are secured from children, locked in places away from their reach.

Provide Enough Lighting

Especially in accident-prone areas around the house, such as the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement, and stairways.

Consult Healthcare Providers

Make sure to check with healthcare professionals before intaking or mixing different kinds of medicine.

Remove Wires and Cords

Keep wires and cords out of walking paths, so there’s fewer chances of tripping. Look into the option of wall installations.

Operate Machinery Carefully

Only operate machinery if you’re sure you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions against bodily harm.

Home accidents and injuries caused due to them have increasingly had a negative impact on the public, healthcare system and more . If we count the less serious injuries that do not get reported or treated at a clinic at all, the number of home injuries and accidents is exponentially bigger. 

Before undertaking projects that could potentially lead to injuries or worse, fatality, always remember that there’s professional services you can contact for your home improvement needs.