Fall Lawn Care Tips for Oklahoma City, OK

In the fall, your lawn continues to grow and look great. In order to keep it this way, even as the weather begins to cool, you’ll need to follow a few steps so it can handle weekend bonfires and football parties. Here are fall lawn care tips for Oklahoma City.

Watering Your Lawn

As the weather cools, you may not need to water as frequently, but don’t stop all together. Keep watering the lawn regularly until it goes dormant for the winter.

Fall Leaves

Rake up fallen leaves. These leaves, if left on the ground, can block water, sun, and nutrients from reaching the grass and eventually decompose into thatch—and excessive thatch is not good for the lawn. You can rake up the leaves into a tarp or burlap square for easy cleanup when you’re done. You can also rake the leaves and add them to your compost bin to be composted into soil or mulch for the spring planting season.

Disease Control

You may see some late season diseases, so if you start to notice weirdly shaped brown patches, you should look into diseases or insects that might be causing the trouble. Late fall is also a good time to prepare those cool-season grasses—as they emerge to defend themselves against diseases that may appear in early spring, such as spring dead spot.


If you have cool-season grass coming in, fertilize it towards the end of the fall. This will help it grow greener and stronger. By giving it this boost, you’re setting it up for a great season until you fertilize again in springtime (usually in March).

Aerate and Dethatch

Fall makes for a great time to take care of your lawn because of cooler weather and the transitioning grass from warm-season to cool-season varieties. All year long, fallen grass blades from mowing and other organic components have created a layer on top of the soil. In order to see the best results for your grasses, you should dethatch with a thatch rake to allow seed, water, and fertilizer to get all the way down to the roots. Remember to aerate with either a plug or spike aerator.

Mow your lawn and follow the one-third rule. Warm-season grasses grow slowly, so you may not need to mow as often.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Oklahoma City lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Oklahoma City, we provide lawn care services to other Oklahoma cities, including Tulsa.

Featured image source: Zillow Oklahoma City