The 3 Best Places in the Nashville Area to Have a Yard Sale

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by John Egan
February 27, 2017

From Hendersonville to Franklin, hundreds of yard sales are held each year around the Nashville, TN, metro area. Yard sales -- a weekend ritual around the country -- are ideal for homeowners who want to unload unwanted clothes and knick-knacks, and for shoppers who want to snatch up bargains.

Of course, no two yard sales are alike, and based on where you live, that includes when a yard sale can be conducted. Typically, every community has its own regulations about yard sales.

In the Nashville area, some communities have tighter restrictions on yard sales than others. But three cities in the region -- La Vergne, Smyrna and Spring Hill -- have no general yard-sale regulations dictating when and how often a sale can happen. As a result, La Vergne, Smyrna and Spring Hill top our list of the Best Places in the Nashville Area to Have a Yard Sale.

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Bruce Richardson, city administrator in La Vergne, says the only yard-sale regulation in his community prohibits an “ongoing” sale.

“We are looking into the possibility of adding some regulations in the future. I don’t know how soon that might happen,” Richardson says.

Smyrna and Spring Hill have restrictions on yard-sale signs, but not on when and how often sales can be held.

To compile our list, we looked at yard-sale regulations for the 12 largest cities in the Nashville area. The more lax its regulations are, the higher a city placed on our list. We took into consideration only those regulations governing when and how often a yard sale can be held; we excluded ordinances about yard-sale signs.

Brentwood has one of the toughest yard-sale ordinances in the Nashville area.
Photo: Nashville MLS

Among the dozen cities we checked, nine have ordinances on the books about when and how often a yard sale can take place. The most stringent ordinances we came across are in Brentwood and Columbia.

Brentwood’s ordinance says a homeowner can conduct just two yard sales per year, with each sale limited to two consecutive days. Brentwood does not require permits for yard sales. Columbia’s yard-sale ordinance is worded differently but essentially has the same effect as Brentwood’s. In Columbia, a resident is allowed two yard-sale permits per location throughout a calendar year; one permit covers two consecutive days.

Among the dozen cities in our review, Columbia and Franklin are the only ones that require a permit for a yard sale.

For a complete look at yard-sale ordinances for the 12 biggest cities in the Nashville area, check out the graphic below. To get details about a specific city, hover over that city’s dot on the map.

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