The Top 5 Most Glamorous Gardens in Nashville, TN

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Music City U-S-of-A! Home of country music, the first ever Hard Rock Café, and Goo Goo Clusters! Oh yeah! And also home to some of the most glamorous lawns below the Mason-Dixie line!

There’s something to be said about southern pride. A lot of love and care go into their landscape. After all, being afforded so much beautiful weather, why wouldn’t you want a gorgeous garden that you can enjoy all year ‘round? Wait? Did I say gorgeous? I meant glamorous. But hey, if the cowboy boot fits, might as well wear it.

All right partner, mount your horse and let’s go for a ride! We are counting down the five most glamorous gardens in Nashville, Tennessee.

1. Majestic on Murfreesboro Road

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Photos: Houzz

Why we like it:

Let’s start off with the front yard which yes, does look like it’s under a bit of construction. But the fresh soil, blooming greens, and beautiful fieldstone gate gives us a taste of its glam-filled potential. However, any worries are laid to rest as we make out way onto the estate. The concave architecture present in the harscape is awe-inspiring to say the least. The curvy nature of the stairs leads to an equally freeform patio. Little red flowers give a nice pop around the perimeter as they dance around the bend. An enchanting trellis covered in beautiful burgundy leaves leads to everyone’s favorite part of our glamorous garden series- the pool! A breathtaking view from the balcony sees a very contemporary stone hardscape surrounding a freeform pool. Throughout the distance is a sea of greenery. A meticulously sculpted landscape complete with spiral trees, evergreens, and shrubs gives us an idea of how glamorous the front yard is yet to become!

2. Westwood Avenue Warmth

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Why we like it:

A slate gray tile can have a pretty cold feeling, but that is not the case here in this Westwood Avenue home. The concave shape brings the fun for such a rough looking stone. The welcoming vibe is complete with different sized stones making the pathway. This a great balance of the fine line that is between simple and spontaneous. Walking through the patio area, you find yourself ensconced in beauty as yellow wildflowers show off alongside a hue of whites and pinks. This ist truly a cozy yard that is given a secure sense of privacy by all the surrounding greenery!

3. Lavish with Limestone

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Photos: Houzz

Why we like it:

What is almost guaranteed to get you on the list of the most glamorous gardens? A fireplace! A limestone walk way guides you along a concave path amongst a beautiful zoysia landscape. Green velvet shrubs continue the consistency of round textures as you continue up the stone steps to the talking point of this landscape. We are now ready for that fireplace! A stone retaining walls hosts an outdoor seating area for those crisp winter nights in Nashville. The Japanese maple gives an extra pop of color in this comfy garden. And just when you think we are done fawning…but wait, there’s more! Stones are placed in a circular shape amongst the zoysia. The hot ticket centerpiece? A fire pit! More intimacy is created as green velvets surround the area. They love their fires, and we love their taste!

4. Rustic Oasis

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Photos: Houzz

Why we like it:

How do you balance that old-time family feel with a seductive getaway? I know, it sounds like apples and oranges. But hey, they’re both fruit! And like apples and oranges, this rustic oasis is delish! Big white rocks outline the artificial turf, holding back a bevy of beautiful hydrangeas. As we continue onto the backyard, a free-form pool sits with all its luscious curves. Little pebbles are mixed with flagstones around the pool’s body. This is where that balance of rustic and seductive come into play. The stones are very weathered and given a sepia, almost desert like vibe. And if you’re in the desert , wouldn’t you just love to cool off? After a dip in the pool, you can dry off by the fireplace! Pools and fireplaces? We are sold.

5. Country Garden

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Photos: Houzz

Why we like it:

Now let’s talk about the romance of the south. We thought the last glamorous garden had a rustic vibe, but this is the embodiment of the simplicity and the beauty that is the south. The brick and Tudor pathway looks very well-loved. Even the moss on it has a bit of charm! This mystical pathway leads you on a journey among a variety of plant life. Little details like the birdhouse make you fall even more in love with Mother Nature. All roads lead to a gorgeous iron trellis, wrapped in a delicate vine. The symmetry is further completed with a wooden frame. Beyond those borders are a pair of not-so-fancy wooden benches. Tons of frills aren’t always necessary for tons of thrills. Sometimes comfort can be the classiest.

So if you’re down in Nashville and need a break from all that loud music, why not go back home and find some tranquility in your very own landscape? Wade in the pool. Sit by the fireplace. Or just revel in the beauty that is your yard. Hopefully these glamorous lawns of Nashville will serve as some inspiration!

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Michael Lathrop