Summer Lawn Care Tips for Lexington, KY

With temperatures in the 80s and only a handful of rainy days each month, summertime is a great season in Lexington. From backyard bar-b-ques to birthday parties to laying out under the summer sun, the lawn is frequently seen and active upon. Check out this summer lawn care guide for Lexington homeowners looking for tips to having a lush lawn all summer long.

Water Deeply

One of the best ways for Lexington homeowners to ensure that they will have a healthy lawn is to make sure that water is reaching the important root system. Check your lawn before watering to make sure that is actually needs to be watered as many Lexington lawns have great water holding capacities. Water your lawn deeply 1-2 times a week and consider weather conditions in order for water to reach 4-6 inches underneath the lawn. This will help to encourage roots to grow deeper into the soil which creates a healthy and stronger lawn. Watering daily can actually condition your lawn to rely on that constant moisture and encourage root systems to stay short which can greatly damage the overall long term health of a lawn.

Sharpen the Blade

The University of Kentucky suggests to make sure that your lawnmower has sharpened blades in order to benefit overall lawn health. Sharpening the blades of a lawnmower should be done each year before the growing season and could even be done more often to help promote lawn growth. Dull blades will tear at grass and root systems which can greatly damage areas of the lawn. Sharp blades will adequately cut the tops of the grass off without causing harm to the lawn root system.

Know When to Mow

Summer is the prime time for many area grasses to grow the most due to the warm weather and soil temperatures. However, your own lawn may need to be mowed at different rates than neighbors depending on your grass type. Determine what kind of grass that you have and adjust your mowing times to fit the recommended mowing height. It is also important for Lexington homeowners to note that a maximum of 30% of the total grass height should be taken off while mowing. Cutting more than that off the lawn can pull root systems and cause stress to the overall lawn.

Use Grass Clippings

Bagging up clippings may seem like the tidier thing to do but it can actually hurt the overall health of a lawn. Consider taking the bag off the mower and allowing clippings to remain where they may during all of your summer mowing. This will allow the clippings to break down easily and become a natural fertilizer to the soil. If you are hosting an outdoor party in the yard, consider mowing the lawn a few days beforehand to minimize the amount of lawn clippings for bare feet use. Doing so will help the Lexington environment as well as provide less work for you while mowing.

Watch Out for Diseases

There are many diseases that can attack a lawn during the summer. One of the most common Lexington lawn diseases includes Brown Patch disease that is commonly found in turfgrasses. This disease easily spreads during the hot and humid conditions of Kentucky summers and can become a big headache for area homeowners. Make sure to carefully pay attention to your lawn during the height of the summer growing season to catch any inconsistencies early and to prevent disease from attacking your entire lawn.

Summer lawn care is a busy season that requires a lot of maintenance and work. However, taking extra care during the summer growing season while mowing and watering can help to build a stronger and healthier lawn that will last for years. Keep an eye out for disease that could attack the lawn and make sure to encourage natural benefits like letting clippings fall back into the lawn in order to promote lawn health.

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Featured image source: Zillow Lexington