6 Places to Explore Nature in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids experiences a very long winter season, which unfortunately means the summer season is shorter than most. However, for those few months where you can get out and explore the outdoors, there is so much to do in the region for interests of all kinds. Whether you enjoy a relaxing walk outdoors, want to take a boat out on the water, or want the thrill of deepwater diving, there are plenty of options just around the corner. The next time you’re looking for a fun day excursion in the area, check out one of these spots that are perfect for a single dose of the outdoors.

1. Kayak Down the Grand River

For a quiet, scenic ride down the Grand River, check out one of numerous Paddling tour guides like GR Paddling in the area, which offers kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding. This river provides sections that are easy, as well as moderately challenging, and is perfect for a relaxing day excursion.

2. Grand Rapids Adventure Park

Grand Rapids is home to its very own aerial ropes course adventure park! The adventure park features treetop aerial obstacle courses, suited for any level of difficulty. Perfect for groups of any size or age, challenge your friends to conquer their fear of heights while getting some much needed time outdoors.

3. Provin Trails Park

This very heavily wooded park offers trails for both hikers and skiers in the winter. With trails so close to the city, this area is perfect for a quick hike that won’t take up your entire day. With minimal travel necessary, and many nature trails of varying difficulties to choose from, Provin Trails Park is perfect year-round for friends and family of all ages.

4. Fred Meijer White Pine Trails State Park

This extended trail runs from Grand Rapids all the way up to Cadillac and is paved in many sections, making it perfect for beginner hikers, or relaxing day walks. The trail runs through several towns in its entirety, for a total of 92 miles, so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to hike the entire trail with a simple day excursion, but many sections of the trail offer beautifully serene views and sights.

5. Moby’s Dive Shop

For any daring enough to try scuba diving, Moby’s Dive Shop offers dive lessons for beginners, as well as dives for experts. While you have to bring your dive buddy in most cases, sometimes the company can find a dive buddy for you. Michigan provides excellent waters for diving, counter to what some may think, and there is no better place to learn than Grand Rapids. For those looking for an outdoors experience that is genuinely unique, scuba diving may be the perfect activity.

6. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is one of the country’s largest urban parks to date, with over 1400 acres of land, including a 6 mile stretch along the Grand River. The park features a beach area, boat rental facilities, and has about 18 miles of trails to explore. Millennium Park’s wild areas are abundant with unique wildlife habitats, as well as beautiful scenic views. For an outdoors day trip, Millennium Park is a great stop.

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Photo Source: Flickr