Summer Lawn Care Tips for Fresno, CASummer Lawn Care Tips for Fresno, CA

Summer in Fresno can mean long, hot days and nights that can exhaust both you and your lawn. A beautiful, green lawn is something almost every homeowner dreams of having, but the weather can create challenges that can be hard to overcome. Here are five summer lawn care tips for Fresno homeowners to overcome summer heat challenges.


Long, hot summers in Fresno can take a toll on your yard. That’s why it’s important to regularly water. Using an automated irrigation system, or scheduling yourself to water, stick to a consistent schedule to water your lawn, getting it enough water it needs to survive. Each grass type has a specific watering need, so be sure to make sure you know your lawn so you can give it exactly what it needs to get through those hot days.


In the summer with all the water you’re applying, you may see a lot of growth in your lawn. That’s not a bad thing, but it may mean you need to mow more regularly. Mow down to the best height for the type of grass you have–so, if your grass’ mowing height is 2 inches, cut to that. Also remember the one-third rule: For your grass with a 2 inch mowing height, don’t cut any more than 1 inch off at a time.


In the summer, you want to be sure to carefully fertilize your lawn, so that it gets the nutrients it needs without any of the damages that may come with fertilizing during hot weather, like burning the lawn. In Fresno, you can fertilize during the summer at half the normal amount you would apply other times of the year, which is half of the recommended amount on the fertilizer label.You may also consider a lower nitrogen fertilizer, because nitrogen promotes rapid growth, helping to slow the growth during summer months.


Aerating your lawn is important to reduce soil compaction and get water, air and nutrients down to where they need to be -- the roots. Aerating is basically poking holes into the lawn, like you’ve probably seen at parks and golf courses. You can do this at your home too! You can use a plug aerator or a spike aerator, both available at most garden stores.

Control Weeds

Small weeds may pop up on your lawn in the summer. White clover and veronicas are commonly seen in this part of California during warm weather. Pull the weeds if you only see a few, or to control a larger problem, head to a garden center to find an herbicide that will help you control the issue before it gets even more out of hand.

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Featured image source: Zillow Fresno