Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Guide for Stockton, CA Homeowners

Go green. It’s a common expression these days. Many people are going green by reducing their use of plastic bags, straws and more, using reusable water bottles and grocery bags or recycling as much as possible. Did you know your lawn can also go green? Not just the color, but that’s a bonus of incorporating an eco-friendly lawn care plan in the right way. Here are three ways to reduce, reuse and recycle while you make your lawn more eco-friendly.

Reduce chemical applications

You can reduce chemical applications on your lawn. The chemicals you currently use may be in the fertilizer, herbicide or insecticide. Those chemicals help your grass grow or keep pests and diseases from harming it. However, there are other, more eco-friendly ways to improve your lawn to become and stay healthy. You can try organic fertilizer, which can have the same benefits as chemical-based fertilizer. There are also organic pesticides for killing insects, diseases, and fungi that are affecting your lawn. Any of these can kill or reduce the pests harming your lawn and garden.

Reuse water

Reuse water by installing rainwater harvesting on your property. These units can collect rainwater and reuse it through your irrigation system to reduce the amount of water your expensing. Some people even collect the condensation from their swamp cooler, air conditioner or other methods and use that for irrigation (if you try this, you’ll have to soil test more regularly to make sure the soil isn’t getting too much sodium from the condensation).

Not sure reusing water through rainwater harvesting or other methods of reusing water is for you? There are different ways to use water more efficiently! You can swap out your irrigation controller for a smart controller, switch to water-efficient nozzles and sprinklers or install soil moisture sensors to help reduce your waste water.

Recycle organic materials

When you do yard work -- mowing the lawn, picking up leaves or other debris -- or throw out the kitchen scraps, you can start a compost bin, pile or container. Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of trash you’re throwing out. The things you compost will turn back into the soil that you can use as a mulch for your lawn or garden in the future.

Moreover, when you compost, you’re able to put beneficial nutrients back into your yard. As the yard debris or kitchen scraps break down, it creates a nutrient-rich soil, with nitrogen, potassium and other helpful things your grass will need to look its best.

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Photo Source: Zillow