20 Outdoor DIY Projects That Will Make Your Backyard the Coolest Backyard in Nashville

Gardening Tools for Outdoor DIY Project

by Jake Hill, Chief of Backyards
May 17, 2018

I have a question for you, Nashville: What is a backyard?

Google says it’s a “yard behind a house or other building, typically surrounded by a fence.” Obviously, you know what a backyard is… but do you know what a backyard should be?

Google clearly doesn’t.

(Don’t you worry, I already wrote Google a very stern Feedback report regarding their poor choice of definition. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.)

A backyard should be... Nirvana. A Modern Utopia. A family’s Private Paradise. Your very own Sovereign State. A backyard should be where it goes down. What goes down? Everything goes down. Barbecues, birthday parties, family reunions, second marriage bachelor parties─you get the point.

The backyard is special. An American pastime. And it very well should be.

But Nashville backyards are even more special. Mostly because Nashville is just so cool I imagine only cool things happening in them.

If you’re the type of person who wants a cool backyard and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty to make it happen, then check out these 20 inventive Outdoor DIY Projects that will make your backyard the coolest backyard in Nash.

Editor's Note: These creative and resourceful bloggers work very hard to supply us with quality DIY projects. So please show them some love and send in photos of your completed project in your super cool backyard.

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The Patio Party Table

by Kruses's Workshop

Build Patio Table Ice Boxes

Photo: Kruse's Workshop

You can’t spell cool without cooler. Or wait. Is it the other way around? Anywho, with the proper tools and experience you can build this custom patio table with built-in ice boxes for as little as $150. 100 percent guaranteed to be both cool and functionable. Read More...

Planting Outdoor Cacti (In Tennessee)

by A Beautiful Mess

Cacti in Tennessee

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Cacti in Nashville? That’s right. Elsie and Emma can let you in on a little secret─there’s actually one variety of cactus that’s native to Tennessee. Hint: The name starts with Texas. Read More...

DIY Succulent Planter Using Cinder Blocks

by aCreativeTraveler

DIY Succulent Planter Using Cinder Blocks

Photo: Contemporist

Transform a corner of your patio with easy DIY outdoor succulent planter. All you need is cinder blocks, landscaping fabric, cactus soil, and succulents to create this cool and inexpensive masterpiece. Read More...

Gnome Tea Cup Fairy Garden

by A Cultivated Nest

Gnome Tea Cup Fairy Garden

Photo: A Cultivated Nest

We love garden gnomes here at LawnStarter. Don’t you? Bring a little piece of your backyard garden into your home by creating this little Gnome Tea Cup Fairy Garden. Read More...

DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel

by Creativities

DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel

Photo: Creativities

Chicken tunnels are all the rave for Backyard Farmers.

No-Maintenance Vinyl Garden Box

by Tater Tots and Jello

No-Maintenance Vinyl Garden Box

Photo: Tater Tots and Jello

If you’re the set it and forget type of gardener (we have one of those in our office) then consider checking this tutorial out for a no-maintenance vinyl garden box. Read More...

DIY Retaining Wall

by Southern Hospitality

DIY Retaining Wall

Photo: Southern Hospitality

Rhoda may be from Atlanta, but her well-built and carefully designed retaining wall can transform your Nashville backyard. Read More...

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

by Jenna Burger

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Photo: Jennifer Burger

You know what’s better than a living room─an outdoor living room. Why? Because it’s outdoors. Read More...

DIY Pergola with Trellis Screens

by Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Pergola with Trellis Screens

Photo: Pretty Handy Girl

Pergolas give that “room” feeling to an open space. If you paid careful attention to bringing your living room outdoors you may have noticed the pergola covering all that outdoor living room awesomeness. Read More...

DIY Backyard PVC Projects

by 4 Men 1 Lady

3 DIY Backyard PVC Projects with Lawn

Photo: 4 Men 1 Lady

PVC Sprinkler / Car Wash. PVC Volleyball. PVC Water Balloon Catapult. ‘Nuff said. Read More...

DIY Fire Pit Table Top

by The Lily Pad Cottage

DIY Fire Pit Table Top with Lawn

Photo: The Lily Pad Cottage

Add even more feng shui to your existing fire pit with a custom table top for just under $90. Read More...

DIY Camp Treehouse

by The Lettered Cottage

DIY Camp Treehouse

Photo: The Lettered Cottage

It is every young child’s DREAM to build a treehouse this cool. Age knows no number. So, go! Go, NOW! Conquer your dreams! Read More...

Oversized Spring Garden Tulip Crate Flower Bed

by Funky Junk Interiors

Oversized Spring Garden Tulip Crate Flower Bed

Photo: Funky Junk Interiors

I usually just throw my big rusted springs away. But Donna, being the junkaholic that she is, found good use for them in the garden. Read More...

Outdoor Cabana Backyard Retreat

by Ana White

Outdoor Cabana Backyard Retreat

Photo: Ana White

Remember what I said about backyards are a private paradise? Ana’s way ahead of the game. Read More...

DIY Dog Bed

by DIY Showoff

DIY Dog Bed

Photo: DIY Showoff

Don’t forget about man’s best friend. Dogs can enjoy a little cool in the backyard, too. Get it? Because shade is cool... Okay, terrible joke. Great design. Read More...

DIY AC Unit Cover

by Design, Dining + Diapers

DIY AC Unit Cover

Photo: Design, Dining + Diapers

As Chief of Backyards here at LawnStarter, there’s one thing that I know that I know. AC units are ugly. This DIY decorative AC unit cover, however, is not. Read More...

DIY Outdoor Theater in Your Garden

by The Horticult

DIY Outdoor Theater in Your Garden

Photo: The Horticult

There is no indoor or outdoor. Only… door. So break down that door and bring your whole living room outside to enjoy the luxurious life of movie nights under the stars like Chantal and Ryan do. Read More...

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

by Dream Garden 101

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

Photo: Dream Garden 101

In all my years in the South I have never seen anything as Southern as a pond made from a recycled tractor tire. Read More...

DIY Pallet Fence

by Bless My Weeds

DIY Pallet Fence

Photo: Bless My Weeds

As a fellow DIYer I know how easy it is to have pallets accumulate in the backyard. So stand those suckers up and turn them into potable fence. Read More...

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

by Grillo Designs

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Photo: A Grillo Designs

Or a fancy swing bed…

The summer sun may be getting hotter, but hopefully after reading this article your backyard will be that much cooler.

Editor's Note: Thank you to all the members of the landscape designer community. We appreciate the hard work that you do. If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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