Native Plants for Easy Gardening in Jackson, MS

Are you looking to bolster your garden with some fresh color, texture or flair? There are so many different options, whether you want to create a vegetable garden to supplement your weekly grocery shopping, a flower garden to add color or a mixture of every type of plant that catches your eye. If you are switching up your garden, consider adding some plants native to Jackson, Mississippi.

Why Native Plants?

Native plants are adapted to the local conditions, which means they require less water than non-native plants. This can save you both time and money on your watering needs, giving you back some weeknights to do something other than hand-water your garden.

In addition to conserving water, they provide a habitat for wildlife and can attract pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Drummond’s Maple

This tree with perennial red blooms prefers moist soil and partial shade. The bright green foliage offers a contrast to the bloom in the spring, and the leaves offer vibrant fall colors during autumn.

Common Yarrow

While it’s been seen as a weed in the past, common yarrow features white ray flowers in the spring and can help fill in a garden, adding texture to otherwise boring spaces.

Scarlet Buckeye

This shrub has flower clusters of deep red. With deep green leaves, this shrub can help set a backdrop for your garden and attract hummingbirds and bees to your garden.

Eastern Bluestar

This native perennial features pale blue flowers in the spring and golden leaves in the fall. A shrubby plant, eastern bluestars require little maintenance to achieve spectacular colors.

Butterfly Weed

A bright orange flower that draws in the Monarch butterflies, this native wildflower likes dry soils and a lot of sun.


This tree has the largest edible fruits native to North America, and brings seasonal color to your yard. Before the fruit grows, the tree features deep burgundy blooms with leaves that turn gold in the fall.

Lady Fern

For a bit of texture to your garden, lady ferns require little maintenance and bright green color. Give these partial shade and well draining soil, and they’ll add that extra something you’re looking for in between your flowers.


This climbing vine has orange-red trumpet shaped flowers that can climb up a tree or trellis in your garden, sometimes climbing as high as 50 feet tall.

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