Best Grass Types for Lawns in Jackson, MS

As a homeowner in Jackson, you want the inside of your house to reflect your family, your lifestyle and your personality, but you also want the outside to look great and show those things as well. If you have a lawn, either in the front or back yard, keeping it looking great is often an ongoing to do list item for many homeowners.

If you are looking to redo your lawn and are wondering what grass types might be best for your yard, look no further. Here is a grass types guide for Jackson, MS homeowners.

Bermuda grass

This type of warm-season grass does well in many parts of the south. Common for home lawns, sports fields, parks and golf courses, it’s durable and resilient. However, it does take some work to keep it looking in top shape. Bermuda grass does well when it’s mowed regularly at the right height, irrigated often and fertilized consistently.

Bermuda creates a dense lawn, spreading through both stolons and rhizomes. It does best in full sun, and even though it is drought tolerant, it has a high water requirement if you want a consistently attractive lawn.

Mowing height: 1 to 2 inches

Carpet grass

This coarse, low growing grass is adapted to the wet, acidic soils found in the Jackson area. Because it can survive in wet soil and has low fertilizer needs, this warm-season grass is a common choice for lawns. But don’t forget–it does need frequent mowing to reduce the seed head growth. It’s light green in color and moderately dense.

Mowing height: ¾ to 2 inches

Centipede Grass

This has long been the choice of many homeowners in Mississippi. It has a very low maintenance requirement with a lime green color. It’s a slow growing, coarse turf that is adapted to acidic, moist soils. But if you have a highly trafficked lawn area, remember that centipede grass does not have good recovery or wear tolerance.

Mowing height: 1 ½ to 3 inches

Zoysia Grass

Growing in popularity, zoysia grass is a warm-season grass type that has a good cold tolerance and forms dense, thick lawns even though the grass blades themselves are fine in texture. Featuring a higher shade tolerance than other warm-season grasses on this list, zoysia grass can get you the green lawn you are after.

Mowing height: 1 ½ to 3 inches

Fescue Grass

The fescues that grow best in Jackson are turf-type fescues (as opposed to fine fescues) that grow coarse, dark green grasses. Fescue has pretty good shade tolerance, so if your lawn won’t be in the sun very much of the day, fescue may be a cool-season grass you should consider. Fescue often require a lot of water, and are susceptible to disease, so regular maintenance is required to keep it in the best shape.

Mowing height: 2 to 3 inches

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