Infographic: 12 Things That Make Every Charlottean Proud

John Egan

The Charlotte, NC, metro area has a lot going for it. Just ask blogger Jen Decurtins, who’s a yoga teacher, personal trainer, fitness instructor and author in Charlotte.

“Charlotte is full of young professionals and young families and is very welcoming to newcomers,” Decurtins writes on her blog. “It’s kind of a crazy phenomenon but it’s rare to find someone who was actually born and raised in Charlotte because so many of us are transplants. Most people that move here find a place where they fit in and thrive.”

Another benefit of living in the Charlotte area is its proximity to numerous recreational opportunities.

“Charlotte is perfectly located. You have the luxury of living in a city with all of the amenities that come with that, but you’re also the perfect distance between the mountains and the ocean,” according to Movoto.

In the praise-giving spirit of Jen Decurtins and Movoto, LawnStarter came up with a list of 12 things that make Charlotte residents proud. We know this infographic doesn’t cover all the bases, but we’re proud of it, nonetheless.

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12 Things That Make Every Charlottean Proud by LawnStarter

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