Poolside Friendly Trees and Plants for Lafayette, LA

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Having an outdoor pool in Lafayette is not a luxury, but a way of life. However, a pool comes with many challenges. The landscaping and general maintenance can be a hassle. Poolside trees and plants can create clogged filters and an overall mess when leaves fall into your pool. Chlorine and full sun can, in turn, wreak havoc on your plants. For minimal maintenance and healthy plants, consider growing these poolside friendly trees and plants near your Lafayette pool this year.

1. Sago Palm

sago palm

Type: Houseplant, Shrub

Sun: Partial sun

Water: Moderate

Size: From 3 to 20 feet

Hardiness: Hardy to 15 degrees Fahrenheit

The Sago palm is an excellent choice for a poolside garden, producing palm like growth with small brown cones. It blooms in the spring, adding texture and color to your pool area in early spring when other plants haven’t yet geared up for the season. Sago palms will help bring a tropical look to your poolside garden.

2. Mediterranean Fan Palm

Type: Tree

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Moderate

Size: Up to 10 feet

Hardiness: Hardy to 10 degrees Fahrenheit

Mediterranean Fan Palms are an excellent choice for your pool area because they have minimal leaf litter to clog up your filters. This tree prefers full sun and requires little water. It produces cream-colored flowers throughout most of the summer.

3. Ironwood

ironwood treeType: Tree

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Drought-tolerant

Size: Up to 25 feet

Hardiness: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Ironwood is another tree that offers shade without the inconvenience of falling leaves. This native plant attracts wildlife and is hardy down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It forms a gorgeous rounded crown of evergreen foliage and produces light pink flowers in the late spring.

4. Turpentine Bush

Type: Shrub

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Drought-tolerant

Size: Up to 2 feet

Hardiness: 5 degrees Fahrenheit

A low-profile bush, turpentine grows well next to pools because it’s compact and can tolerate chemicals that might be splashed. This bush, with evergreen foliage and yellow clusters of flowers, attracts wildlife and blooms in the late summer to fall.

5. Red Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of ParadiseType: Shrub

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Moderate

Size: Up to 6 feet

Hardiness: 30 degrees Fahrenheit

Red Bird of Paradise is a deciduous shrub that produces minimal litter and blooms in the late spring to fall. Despite the name, this shrub produces flowers that are a dark orange or yellow, growing in a rounded shape that’s ideal for the open spaces near your pool.

6. Lantana

Type: Flower/Groundcover

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Moderate

Size: Up to 2 feet

Hardiness: 28 degrees Fahrenheit

This plant forms a mounding ground cover that is ideal for covering large areas of space near your pool. It requires moderate amounts of water but thrives in full sun. Lantana produces lovely yellow, orange, or gold flowers throughout the year, as long as there is no frost.

Remember that any plants you grow near your pool need to be able to withstand lots of sun as well as the light that will reflect off the water. Anything you plant should be heat- and drought- tolerant. If you’re not ready to dive in and plant one of these ideal species, consider using pots and containers, so you can move your plants when conditions warrant.

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Rachel Vogel