Winter Lawn Care Tips for Albuquerque, NM

Winter in Albuquerque, NM is beautiful. With the snow capped mountains providing the backdrop, there are so many events you can do and places you can go. Even if you just stay at home, winter is a great time to spend curled up with a cup of coffee, chatting with loved ones or reading a good book in your own backyard.

While the weather is a bit chilly and it may not seem like much is growing there, you should still take a few steps each week to ensure the health of your lawn. Here are our tips for winter lawn care in Albuquerque.

Water weekly

Even though the weather has cooled off, make sure you are still watering at least once a week to help keep your lawn healthy.

Prune shrubs and trees

If you have shrubs or trees around your lawn, winter is the best time of year to prune them, especially if they are on or directly surrounding the grass area. Well pruned trees and shrubs surrounding the grass will help sunlight get directly to the lawn to help it grow.

Clean up the yard

While you probably don’t need to mow anymore, you should still regularly be cleaning up and leaves or fallen twigs and branches. If you’re raking leaves, you can use that for a compost to be used as mulch for your lawn in the spring.

Get ready for spring

In the late winter, it’ll be time to start thinking about the spring again. You’ll want to consider aerating your lawn before spring, so that any compaction issues can be solved early and fertilizer or pre-emergent herbicides can get to the soil. This will also help with watering later on in the year, as water will more easily be able to move through the soil. Late winter/early spring is also the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicide if you are trying to get ahead of those spring weeds. You should also do a checkup of your irrigation system so that it’ll be ready to be turned on come spring.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Albuquerque lawn care page to get in touch with a professional!

Featured image source: Zillow Albuquerque

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