Summer Lawn Care Tips for Albuquerque, NM

Situated right along Route 66, Albuquerque has tons to do every summer for locals and visitors alike. With food festivals, outdoor concerts and paddling adventures along the Rio Grande, you may not be spending too much time at home. But you’re sure to have at least a few backyard parties or barbeques, or even just nights out on the patio. So taking care of your lawn should be on your to do list, right alongside the Cruise Route 66 Summerfest each July. Here are our tips to help you best take care of your Albuquerque, NM lawn.

Mow your lawn to the correct height

Sharpen your blades before you mow, so that you aren’t causing unnecessary damage to the grass. Then, mow to the best height for your grass type. This varies by each type of grass, so a quick search online will help you figure it out (type in “[grass type] mowing height”.)

Water efficiently

Water early in the morning, so that you reduce the risk of the water evaporating before it gets into the soil. Make sure that you’re applying enough water that the roots get the water, but not so much that you’re creating runoff or puddling on your lawn. You may even need to water every other day during the summer.

Apply compost to help retain moisture

Apply a compost to the top of your lawn to help it retain moisture. This will add an extra layer of protection and seal in some extra moisture for the hot summer months. Additionally, be sure any of your flowerbeds have mulch over them, for the same reasons.

Watch for disease

Summertime is often when turfgrass diseases spring up. Keep an eye out for diseases caused by fungus, or damage caused by pests. You may notice brown, dying patches. Or the grass pay be pulling up in areas, as grubs eat through the roots. Try to catch these before they cause too much damage to your full lawn by treating them with the appropriate pesticide early on.

Need help preparing your lawn? Visit our Albuquerque lawn care page to get in touch with a professional!

Featured image source: Zillow Albuquerque

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