Infographic: What Will the Tampa-St. Petersburg Area Look Like in 2030?

John Egan

Look out, Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL. Population growth is bearing down on you.

The population of the four-county metro area is projected to grow more than 20 percent from 2015 to 2030, with Pasco County leading the way but Hernando and Hillsborough counties nipping at its heels. During the 15-year period, population growth in Pinellas County is expected to be stagnant.

As the population of Tampa-St. Pete increases, so, too, will its diversity. In 2030, the region will be much more Hispanic and much less white than it is today, forecasters say. In terms of age, the area will be considerably grayer.

In this infographic, LawnStarter holds up a mirror and shows you what Tampa-St. Pete will look like in 2030.

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WWhat Will the Tampa-St. Petersburg Area Look Like in 2030? by LawnStarter

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