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I had a growing bee problem around a tree near my front door. The pest control technician arrived and resolved the issue.
Cynthia S. - Nov 16, 2022 - Providence, RI
I used to be terrified of critters: snakes, rats, roaches, the whole lot of it. I was afraid to come out at night when it got dark because I knew some awful creature would crawl on me or jump out and scare the living daylights out of me.
Jeanette G. - Nov 09, 2022 - Providence, RI
It was not a pretty sight when they showed up! I can't believe I went so long without noticing it. I had just thought my house smelled funny, but it turned out that there was an infestation of roaches in my kitchen cabinets. Thank goodness they caught it when they did, or else things would've been much worse! The problem is taken care of now, and their service is worth every penny.
Patricia A. - Nov 09, 2022 - Providence, RI
I was surprised at how quickly they were able to get rid of my termites. They didn't mess around, they just got right to it and knocked the problem out of the park.
Aaron K. - Oct 20, 2022 - Providence, RI
I've had to deal with all kinds of pest and rodents over the past few years. This year I finally called your pest control company and I only wish I had called sooner. No more pest in my home.
Linda J. - Oct 04, 2022 - Providence, RI
I was scared to death when I saw the bugs in my home, but once I called them up and the pro came to treat the problem for me, I realized that it wasn’t so bad anymore. The ants are gone and my house is clean!
Randy G. - Sep 26, 2022 - Providence, RI
Bye-bye cockroaches! I'm no longer afraid of turning on my kitchen light. I'd definitely recommend these techs if you want to banish your bug problem for good.
Thomas J. - Aug 21, 2022 - Providence, RI
The exterminator did a thorough job with fumigation and we no longer have termite problems in our home thanks to them. It was a great service!
Bryce F. - Aug 04, 2022 - Providence, RI
After deep cleaning my house they gave me advice on how to prevent pests in my home. I have diligently followed the pieces of advice given and seen great change.
Vera A. - Aug 01, 2022 - Providence, RI

Overall Rating: 4.9 / 5 stars (10 reviews)

Permanent Pest Removal in Providence

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. What this region lacks in size, it makes up for in charm. Providence, the state's capital, sits at the opening of the Providence River.

Founded in 1636, the city received its name from a preacher. The name "Providence" originated from the appreciation for God that the preacher felt during a time of uncertainty. With its prime water location, the city originated as a seaport. It was one of the first places to industrialize with the textile, jewelry, and silverware industries growing. Today, the economy has shifted economic focus to service industries.

The city attempted a revitalization project in the early seventies. Upgrades to neighborhoods, the downtown area, and commercial districts took place. The city boasts an old-world atmosphere. Cobblestone streets, stone amphitheater, and Venetian inspired bridges line the city.

Today, Providence is a haven for historical sites, renowned eateries, and unique art. Providence is home to the Rhode Island School of Design. On Sunday and the third Thursday of the month, the museum is free to visit. You can also stroll around the nearby grounds of Brown University.

If you're eager to spend the day amongst nature, spend a couple hours at Roger Williams Park. You'll find yourself in the middle of the city with over 100 acres of park to explore. From riding swan boats in the lake to discovering plants in the Japanese gardens, there's plenty to explore.

Time for some food? If you're in the mood for a Rhode Island staple, head to New York System. Their hot wieners contain spiced meat, onions, mustard, and celery salt. A local favorite. If Italian food is a go, Enoteca Umberto comes highly rated. Their local sourced ingredients make them a Providence favorite.

There are few better ways to end your night other than at Waterfire. Make your way to the river and grab a seat. This art installation involves a fiery inferno as boats float around the river. The fires lighting occurs at sunset and usually burns well into midnight.

Providence displays unique architecture and varying restaurants, art, and attractions. This city has a lot to offer. The lively spirit of the city makes it quite difficult to be in a bad mood. The only thing that could possibly get you down is a pesky pest problem in your yard. Who wants to deal with a roach infestation? LawnStarter is the solution for you. Simply enter your ZIP code on the LawnStarter app or website. They'll match you with nearby pest control companies.

These pest companies have the right equipment and years of experience to tackle any problem, big or small. From rodents, cockroaches, even termites. Whatever is bugging you, they have the means of removal. Turn to LawnStarter for all your pest control needs.


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