How Many Other Cities Could Fit Inside Jacksonville?

John Egan

As anyone who lives in Jacksonville, FL, knows, the city is big. Really big. Not counting water, Jacksonville covers 758 square miles, making it the biggest city in the 48 contiguous states as measured by land area.

Put another way, Jacksonville encompasses 485,120 acres of land. Of that, EverBank Field sits on 10 acres, meaning 48,512 EverBank fields conceivably could be spread out across the city. Or Jacksonville could make room -- although it would be cramped -- for 1,078 Kathryn Abbey Hanna parks. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park takes up 450 acres.

Given the considerable size of Jacksonville, LawnStarter figured it would be fun to size up which other cities could fit within Jax’s 758 square miles. Our findings appear in the infographic below.

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How Many Other Cities Could Fit Inside Jacksonville? - Graphic

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