What Will Fort Worth Look Like in 2030?

Fort Worth is growing faster than ever. See what to expect in 2030.

What Will Fort Worth Look Like in 2030? by LawnStarter

Major General Williams Jenkin Worth undoubtedly would be astounded by the growth happening in his namesake town.

Fort Worth, TX, is in the midst of explosive expansion. By one estimate, Fort Worth’s population will surge past 1.2 million in 2030. That would represent growth of close to 50 percent compared with 2014. Surrounding communities are seeing a similarly large influx of people.

For years, glitzy Dallas overshadowed its “Cowtown” neighbor. But now, Fort Worth is coming into its own as an on-the-rise global city.

“Fort Worth continues to strengthen its position as one of the top destinations in the nation in which to live and work,” says David Berzina, executive vice president for economic development at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. “Year after year, we continue to experience growth in all industries, as businesses seek regions and communities that offer ample land, a centralized location, limited regulatory restrictions, a low cost of living and a high quality of life – all of which we offer in Fort Worth.”

In the infographic below, we show you how that growth is projected to manifest itself 15 years from now, in 2030.

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Editor’s note: Population projections in this infographic may differ from population projections supplied by other sources.

What Will Fort Worth Look Like in 2030? by LawnStarter

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