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Ratings & Reviews

Very Nice Work!

Tallahassee, FL Mar 07, 2019

It's fine, but my biggest complaint was that the mow was way early from a biweekly schedule and on a Sunday. Now I'm noticing my next scheduled mow is over a four-day period on a weekend. I was under the impression that service windows were two days which is why I originally scheduled mine to be on a Wednesday. I understand weather delays, but that wasn't the case here and I don't like having it done on a weekend. I

Tallahassee, FL Mar 08, 2019

Very nice!

Tallahassee, FL Mar 12, 2019

Yard looks clean.

Tallahassee, FL Mar 13, 2019

Great as always!

Tallahassee, FL Mar 29, 2019

Please remind crew to cut lawn as low as possible, as it grows fast. In addition, to cutting the lawn area in front of the window/plants low as well. Other than that...still great work. Thanks!

Tallahassee, FL May 22, 2019