5 Must Visit Glamorous Gardens in Seattle, WA

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Whether you want to create your own backyard oasis with a garden, or just get outside for a day and enjoy some of the beauty nature has to offer, Seattle has many glamorous gardens where you will find relaxation, beauty, and encouragement. Get some inspiration from these five glamorous gardens in Seattle when you’re dreaming up your own backyard garden or when you just need to take some time to yourself.

Source: Seattle.gov

1. Seattle Japanese Garden

This 3.5 acre urban garden brings visitors through paths to benches where you can sit and enjoy the garden. This garden is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike since its opening in 1960. It’s one of the top Japanese style gardens in North America.

What we love: This garden is in the middle of a big city. Visitors to the garden can get away from the hustle and bustle of life on the paths that wind around ponds and through various traditional Japanese landscapes, like mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes, islands and more. The colors and unique elements that are updated seasonally bring a special experience to this garden.

Source: Woodland Park Zoo

2. Woodland Park Rose Garden

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is one of only a couple dozen certified American Rose Test Gardens in the U.S. The garden sits on 2.5 acres with more than 200 varieties of roses on display at any given time. The Woodland Park Zoo society maintains the garden with a combination of natural approaches.

What we love: The fact that this is a certified test garden means you’ll be able to see something you’ve never seen anywhere else before. With 3,000 roses, there is sure to be something unique for you to snap a picture of! And, when you visit the rose garden, you can learn about the different natural care philosophies they use.

Source: Seattle.gov

3. Parsons Gardens

In 1956, the family of Reginald H. Parsons gave the family garden to the City of Seattle, and since then it has become a small, hidden gem for residents to enjoy. With a variety of plants and flowers scattered throughout, visitors can enjoy some peace and quiet in this garden.

What we love: Aged rhododendrons and banks of camellias surround the wide lawn, so spring and summer are full of color in this small garden. For a small wedding and other gatherings or events, Parsons Gardens makes a beautiful backdrop to set the scene.

Source: BeautifulWashington.com

4. Bloedel Reserve

Located just across Puget Sound from Seattle, the reserve’s natural woodlands and gardens get you in touch with nature. With trails and fresh air, visitors get a true taste of the Pacific Northwest at Bloedel Reserve. Featuring a Japanese Garden, Moss Garden and bird marsh, there are a variety of things to see at the reserve.

What we love: Rather than color, this garden focuses on textures and shades. Because the creator was colorblind, bright flowers weren’t the centerpiece of the gardens. That’s not to say you won’t find flowers here – there are many varieties of flowers throughout the garden!

Source: South Seattle Community College

5. South Seattle Community College Arboretum

This 5-acre site on campus gives landscape horticulture students a hands-on place to practice their trade. Current students work in the arboretum, identify plants, taking care of them and working on renovations to the garden.

What we love: This outdoor classroom not only gives students a place to learn, but it also gives the community a garden sanctuary to escape to. Featuring trees, ferns, grasses, and flowers, there are hundreds of types of plants to enjoy. The arboretum also overlooks downtown Seattle, so the view from it is beautiful.

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