6 of the Coolest Landscape Designs in Houston

Sugarland Canal Residence - Sugar Land, TX

The city of Houston has a lot going for it these days. The economic boom and relatively low cost of living in Texas has made the city a hotbed for new residents and lavish homes. In fact, Houston homes rank the second largest in the nation on average, helping make sure no one forgets that everything is bigger in Texas. We figured that if Houstonians care about their home size, they probably care about the look of their yards, so we set out to highlight some of the coolest designs we could find.

Check out these six Houston landscape designs that might make you think about packing your bags for H-Town.

1. The Bellaire Dream – Marquise Pools

The Bellaire Dream - Houston, TX
The Bellaire Dream by Marquise Pools – Bellaire, TX (http://www.marquisepools.com/)

Bellaire is one of the many different smaller cities that make up the city of Houston. With it’s close proximity to Reliant Stadium, the Galleria, and quick access to the loop, Bellaire is a highly sought after neighborhood to live in. This gorgeous backyard design, created by Marquise Pools, is tucked behind one of the many new homes popping up in the area and features a flowing design from front to back. The infinity pool lines up with a lily pond at the backside of the property, creating an aquatic backyard getaway. All while the shrubs and flowers that line the perimeter of the yard finish off the design.

2. Memorial Moroccan – Jauregui Architect

Memorial Moroccan - Houston, TX Landscape
Memorial Moroccan by Jauregui Architect – Houston, TX (http://www.jaureguiarchitect.com)

The design of this Memorial front yard isn’t a typical sight if you’re a Houston native. Sitting on the home’s huge front lawn is a lily pond that greets visitors as they cruise up the driveway. The team at Jaurequi Architect did a great job of merging the landscape and home designs together.  The fountain that lies in the pond also adds a focal point to help bring a modern feel to the exterior of the home.

3. Sugarland Canal Residence – Collaborative Design Group

Sugarland Canal Residence - Sugar Land, TX
Sugarland Canal Residence by Collaborative Design Group – Sugar Land, TX (www.cdg-ai.com)

When you think of Sugarland, you typically don’t think about canals or homes with modern designs. Collaborative Design Group designed the home’s rear balcony to resemble the design of a boat, and play into the canal backing the property. Short shrubbery was placed in to add flow to the lawn, while still allowing a view of the water for those taking a dip in the pool.

4. Contemporary Landscaping – Exterior Worlds Landscaping and Design

Contemporary Landscaping - Houston, TX
Contemporary Landscaping by Exterior Worlds Landscaping and Design – Houston Texas (http://www.exteriorworlds.com/)

The Exterior Worlds team was tasked with opening up this modern Memorial residence so that it could be more visible from the street. By removing the trees that sheltered the view and adding vegetation that had a relatively low height at full growth, they were able to complement the modern style of the home. The design was finalized with a sleek, modern fountain that draws your eye in as you drive onto the property.

5. Houston Backyard & Pool – Mirror Lake Designs

Houston Backyard - Houston, TX Landscape
Houston Backyard & Pool by Mirror Lake Designs – Houston, TX (http://www.mirrorlakedesigns.com/)

While there may not be much grass to frolic around in, the surrounding plant life does a great job of combining nature with stone. This landscaping creation was put together by Mirror Lake Designs and possesses a private garden-like feel, complete with multiple seating areas and a large pool to relax in.

6. Contemporary Italian Manor – Lanson B. Jones & Co, Inc.

Contemporary Italian Manor - River Oaks, TX
Contemporary Italian Manor by Lanson B. Jones & Co, Inc. – Houston, TX (www.lansonbjones.com/)

The team over at Lanson B. Jone & Co. turned this River Oaks backyard into a contemporary oasis that blends in with its surroundings. Ivy covered walls and arches span the outer perimeter of the home and pool, create a sense of privacy and tranquility for anyone spending time outside. The arches also provide a gateway into the rest of the backyard, where you can find plenty of shade to hide from the hot Texas sun.

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Jake Lane

Jake is a growth analyst for LawnStarter.