LeafFilter Review: Pricey Gutter Guards But Worth the Cost

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You’ve heard of LeafFilter, probably from TV or radio ads. Is LeafFilter all it claims to be? Our LeafFilter review looks at the company’s gutter guards, costs, customer reviews, warranties, and how LeafFilter compares to competitors.

Cost was often mentioned in LeafFilter customer reviews, but most of these homeowners were happy with their gutter guards. More on that later.

But what are gutter guards? Many homeowners swear by gutter guards to significantly reduce or eliminate the problem of clogged, messy gutters. Gutters need just as much maintenance as any other part of your house.

Here’s why: Ignoring your gutters could lead to serious and expensive problems, including clogging, basement flooding, foundation damage, mold, and mildew.

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4.8 – 100,510 Reviews
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Filters even the smallest debris particles
  • Installation is done only by professionals

So let’s take a closer look at LeafFilter:

In this review, we will cover:

LeafFilter at a Glance

LeafFilter Gutter Guards

The LeafFilter Gutter Protection product is a stainless steel gutter guard. The company deals in patented three-piece gutter protection systems. They also cover the installation of these micro-mesh gutter guards. 

The three components of LeafFilter’s product are:

  • 275-Micron Steel Mesh: LeafFilter uses a fine 275-micron mesh in its protectors to keep even the tiniest debris particles out of the gutter system. LeafFilter states that not even shingle grit can make its way through it. It is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, a material that won’t corrode or rust. 
  • uPVC Frame: This piece houses the micron mesh. It’s a uPVC frame that is installed with a pitch that slopes away from your house. The material won’t warp or deteriorate. 
  • Structural Hangers: LeafFilter gutter guards are installed by fastening hidden hangers into the fascia boards of the roof. This ensures that your gutters bear no additional weight and never sag. 

LeafFilter gutter guards fit any kind of gutter. If the gutters on your house are outdated or highly damaged, or you just need a change, LeafFilter will install the entire gutter system for you. 

Worth Noting: LeafFilter agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit in 2022 alleging that leaves, twigs, pollen and other buildup can accumulate on its gutter filter system.

What Customers Say About LeafFilter

Overall Rating: 4.4

LeafFilter receives strongly positive reviews and enjoys a good reputation across the 85-plus locations it serves. The company scores an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is a great score for a gutter guard company. Trustpolit awards a 4.4 rating to the company where 66% of the total 100,000 reviewers (as of this writing) gave LeafFilter 5 stars. 

Among the handful of negative reviews, high prices and issues with quotes were the most common complaints. Encouragingly, LeafFilter responded to both positive and negative reviews quickly. This seems to reflect a strong customer service culture. 

Here are some of the customer reviews we collected from trusted review platforms:

Pricey but Good: “The product is pricey but good. I gave it four stars because they were unable to do all my gutters due to the way the old ones were hung. It would have been nice if the sales person knew that. The installer was excellent. The gutters that they were unable to do have leaves and debris in them. The one they were able to do is as clean as can be, and it’s in the worst area for leaves and pine needles. I wish I could have done the others.”
Tom L, Trustpilot

What a Difference! “I didn’t realize the difference it would make on my home. Not only is the water going where it’s supposed to be going – gutters, downspouts, away from the foundation – it’s not making as much noise falling onto the decks and porches, so it’s quieter around the house during a storm. So happy I made the decision to install LeafFilter on my home!”
– James B., BBB

Great Job: “LeafFilter was great. They came in as promised and fixed areas that needed to be fixed and then added the LeafFilter. They said they’d be there on the Monday after we agreed to have them do the work, they showed up on time and completed the job in about 3 hours. Thanks LeafFilter!”
– Jay N. Trustpilot

LeafFilter Costs

Charges and costs of LeafFilter depend on numerous factors, such as your gutter type and size, the condition of your gutters, the pitch of the roof, and more. Generally, LeafFilter costs around $15-$48 per linear foot – or between $2,500 and $6,500

LeafFilter requires a home visit to give an estimate for a gutter guard system for your particular home.

Worth noting: The company offers 12-month financing options and discounts for seniors and military personnel. 

LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty

LeafFilter offers a lifetime warranty that is also transferable. The warranty is designed you confidence that your gutters and your entire house is shielded from damage for life.

The gutter protection company gives a manufacturer’s warranty in which they will repair, replace or refund 100% of the material purchase price for all the materials installed. This applies, if at any time:

  • The LeafFilter system fails to block debris and your gutters fill up and overflow.
  • Or, your house sustains interior water damage as a result of overflowing gutters

LeafFilter’s Estimate

Requesting a LeafFilter quote or estimate and booking a LeafFilter pro for installation is an easy process. You can either directly call them at 1-800-290-6106 or obtain it online: 

Step 1: Log on to LeafFilter.com, enter your ZIP code in the empty box and click on the “Get Estimate” button. 

Step 2: LeafFilter will tell you if they serve in your area and ask you for a few more details about your home. Then click “Next”.

Home Estimate
Home Size Estimation

Step 3: Key in your full name and email address and click “Next”. 

Step 4: Lastly, put your phone number and tap on “Get Estimate.” An estimator will then give you a call to schedule a home visit. The estimator will discuss what you’re looking for, measure the gutters, and give you a no-obligation, custom quote for your gutters. 

LeafFilter Gutter Guard Installation 

The installation process for LeafFilter gutter guards is a three-step process:

  • Inspection: A professional installer inspects your house and notes if there are any other concerns to address before gutter guard installation. If you already have gutter guards installed, they will remove them and even install new gutters if necessary.
  • Prep: The installers will clean up the gutter system and prepare it for the guards. They will also repair, realign or seal any faulty areas.
  • Install: Next, the LeafFilter gutter guards will be secured to your existing gutters. Depending on the project, installation can take a few hours or a complete day to complete. Once LeafFilter is installed, the team will clean up the debris, and other material from your house before they leave. 

FAQ About LeafFilter

Will LeafFilter work in heavy rain and stormy weather?

Yes. LeafFilter products are designed to withstand heavy rain. But heavy rain leaves behind lots of wet, grimy debris that may stick in the guard openings and obstruct water flow. 

What is LeafFilter’s average cost?

The average cost for LeafFilter ranges from $16 to $45 per linear foot. This price also covers labor and materials. 

What isn’t covered under the LeafFilter lifetime warranty?

LeafFilter limited lifetime warranty does not cover damages caused by uncontrollable acts of nature, modifications to the system or issues from faulty installation. 

Our Verdict

LeafFilter gutters and gutter guards are engineered to protect your gutters from damaging debris throughout their lives. The patented materials, transferable, lifetime warranty, professional care and customer service earns LeafFilter a high spot. 

However, people did find LeafFilter expensive, especially for larger homes. Getting a quote, ordering service, installation and payment are simple and seamless processes. 

Overall, we found LeafFilter to be a strong option if you want your gutters handled by people who know what they’re doing and are good at it. 

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