The 5 Most Majestic Lawns on the Market in Durham, NC (Fall 2016)


Here at LawnStarter, we’ve seen all sorts of lawns.  Big lawns, small lawns.  Green lawns, brown lawns.  Lawns meticulously cared for and lawns that have been neglected.

But that’s for another day.  Today we want to recognize the top 5 most magestic lawns on the market in Durham, NC.

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1)  Mediterranean Palazo Home on Portofino Pl


Why we like it:

  • The lawn is not only large and well fertilized, it’s very clear from the mowing patterns that the lawn is meticuclously mowed in a ‘cross pattern’
  • The attention to detail of the edging around the driveway
  • The picturesque ‘Carolina pines’ backdrop

2)  French-style Mansion with Pond on Rosemont












Why we like it

  • The lawn is absolutely giant
  • Meticulous edging everywhere, from driveways, to flowerbeds
  • A private pond…that has a beautiful lawn in it of itself!

3)  Classic Cape Cod Mansion on Spry Way


Why we like it

  • The Feng Shui created by the snaking driveway, flowerbeds, and patio
  • The flowerbed border on the backyard
  • The pool going straight down the middle of the property

4) Classic Home on the Little River Reservoir
















Why we like it

  • Waterfront…need we say more?
  • The lawn is oh-so-green

5) Southern Home on Rosemont



Why we like it:

  • Full-width front porch to enjoy the beautiful, shaded front lawn
  • Absolutely zen landscape installations in the backyard, along with a large open green space

Are you selling a home that you think should be on this list?  Let us know in the comments.

Photos: Zillow


Scott Johnson

Scott is a research analyst and writer for the LawnStarter blog. He's a lawn care expert, avid gardener, and dog lover.