Eco-friendly Care for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lawns

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Today, residents of Baton Rouge can breathe more easily (both literally and figuratively). They have worked along with the city government for the last 20 years to bring about a healthier environment. The air is cleaner; rivers, lakes and streams are cleaner. Industries have greatly reduced their noxious emissions. We rely less on fossil fuels and on our cars. Look at the increase in bike lanes and walking trails. Look around at the solar panels and windmills. We’ve come a long way. We need to keep the momentum going, and we can help by taking care of our lawns in a more environmentally responsible way.

Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers

Sure, you want to keep your lawn healthy. You don’t want lawn pests or weeds undoing all the work you put in to keeping your lawn thriving, but it’s not necessary to care for your lawn at the expense of your city’s environmental health and, for that matter, your planet’s.

Tender loving care (aka proper maintenance) will keep your lawn lush without the chemicals that are running off the soil into the groundwater and waterways. (Besides, think about those chemicals contaminating the areas where your children and your pets play.) A healthy lawn can stand up to the pests and weeds. There are organic products that are safe and effective. Your trusted lawn service provider will be happy to explain natural lawn care.

Instead of chemical fertilizers, you can recycle your grass clippings to return nutrients and nitrogen to the soil. Instead of herbicides, you could weed the lawn yourself. Really, you can. There are some real efficient tools on the market for pulling out weeds. And think about the exercise you’ll get!


You aren’t doing your lawn any favors by over-watering it, and you’re wasting a valuable resource. Step on your grass. It doesn’t bounce back? Then water it. Otherwise, it’s fine. Also, if you keep your grass around three inches tall, it shades the soil and the soil will retain moisture and need less frequent watering. If you water in the early morning, less water is loss to evaporation than if you water later in the day.

Don’t be too hasty in watering your lawn during short, try period. Grass is hardy; it’s fine going dormant for a short time until the natural rains return.

Also, take advantage of rain water. You can use rain barrels to collect it from your gutters and downspouts to use to water your lawn. Rain gauges are another way to make sure you aren’t wasting water.

Remember that concrete doesn’t need watering. Adjust sprinklers so that they are not watering the street or driveways or sidewalks. Don’t use the hose to clear leaves off the walkways. That’s what brooms are for.

These are merely a few ways in which you can help with Baton Rouge’s environmental mission. The bonus is you will also save money. No more pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to buy, and you’ll cut down on your water bill. What a deal, right?

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Lois Crouse