LawnStarter Enters 5 More Markets

LawnStarter, the revolutionary on-demand lawn care service, introduced its offering Jan. 11 to lawn care customers in four Texas markets — Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio — along with Jacksonville, Fla.

The typical American adult spends nearly an entire workweek (4.8 days) each year on lawn care and gardening, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. LawnStarter’s on-demand lawn care service lets consumers recapture much of that time, diverting it to fun activities like binge-watching a TV show, taking the kids to the park or playing golf.

Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley is co-founder and chief operating officer of LawnStarter.

Austin, TX-based LawnStarter, founded in 2013, is revolutionizing lawn care throughout the U.S. LawnStarter’s simple-to-use online system gives consumers the ability to easily order, manage and pay for lawn care services.

“LawnStarter’s goal is to make ordering lawn care service as easy as ordering a pizza,” says Ryan Farley, co-founder and chief operating officer of LawnStarter. “The old, complicated way of hiring a lawn care provider is a thing of the past. Our technology, coupled with our top-tier customer service, is bringing a modern, customer-friendly approach to lawn care.”

LawnStarter already operates in Austin, Orlando, Fla. and Washington, D.C.

“As we enter our five new markets, LawnStarter continues to grow as an innovator and key player in America’s on-demand economy, which was estimated at $18.5 billion in 2015,” Farley says.

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