A Quick Guide to Spring Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC

Sprinkler in a lawn

A new year has just begun, and you know what that means. Spring is just a couple months away, and your lawn is about to have a major growth spurt. Haven’t started thinking about lawn care for the new season yet? No worries. Lawn service in Charlotte is readily available to make sure your lawn looks its very best. As a matter of fact, a mistake made by several homeowners is taking too many steps too early, which often results in disease and damage from the cold. Just keep in mind that timing is everything. Here are some tips to keep in mind when spring arrives.


It’s best to mow your lawn on a high setting to keep your grass nice and short. This will prevent weeds from establishing themselves on your lawn, give pests no place to hide, and will keep your lawn looking impressively manicured. The best frequency for mowing is once a week, and no less than once every two weeks.

Don’t overdo it. If you water your lawn too often, it can grow out of control and encourage the growth of unwanted weeds. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be a conscious consumer. We recommend watering once every week. This should give your grass plenty of moisture without risking overgrowth of grass and potential weeds.

The cold season has likely made your soil very dry and compacted. When this happens, it is next to impossible to have nutrients take effect because they can’t penetrate the soil. Before taking further action on your lawn, it is imperative to aerate your lawn properly. Paying a little more to make sure other lawn care procedures make a lasting impact is always worth it. Otherwise, your money, time, and efforts spent on treating and fertilizing your lawn might go to waste.

Weeds are inevitable — their seeds are constantly blowing in the wind and can take root in your lawn at any point in time. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your lawn, remember to fertilize. The best time to start is early Spring, because you don’t want to start too early while it’s still Winter. When Spring arrives, your lawn is hungry for nutrients, so let a quality fertilizer work its magic.

We know that life is constantly getting more chaotic with each coming year. If you don’t have time or energy to take these steps yourself, fear not! Let us take it off your hands. Our Charlotte lawn service professionals are just a call or click away.

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