The 13 Most Beautifully Landscaped City Halls

Miami City Hall

Miami City Hall smashes the stereotypical notion of what a city hall looks like — dull and uninspired.

The city government operations of Miami, FL, are housed in a bright-white, 1930s-era building that once was a seaplane terminal for Pan American Airways. Perhaps the terminal’s most famous passenger was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who flew from there to Morocco in 1943, at the height of World War II, to huddle with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

In 1954, the City of Miami took over the building, situated on nearly 10 acres backing up to 582-slip Dinner Key Marina. It’s been Miami City Hall ever since.

Miami City Hall

Miami City Hall sits along Dinner Key Marina.
Photo: Pinnacle Yachts

While the Art Deco architecture of Miami City Hall is something to behold, the landscaping is just as impressive. Dozens of trees surround the structure on three sides, as do several grassy areas. Out front, in the middle of a circular driveway and parking lot, is a circular grassy plot of land featuring three flag poles and several plants and trees.

Maybe Miami City Hall, given its stunning location in the city’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, holds an unfair advantage over city halls elsewhere. Still, there’s no denying that the landscaping at Miami City Hall is a treat for the eyes. That’s why we’ve put Miami City Hall atop our list of the 13 Most Beautifully Landscaped City Halls.

To assemble our list, we sifted through hundreds of photos of city halls in the 100 largest cities in the U.S., based on population estimates as of July 2015.

1. Miami, FL
Why We Like It: Waterfront property accentuated by immaculate lawns and numerous trees

Miami City Hall

Photo: City of Miami

2. Chicago, IL
Why We Like It: Amazing rooftop garden atop 11-story City Hall

Chicago City Hall


3. Atlanta, GA
Why We Like It: Stellar example of urban landscaping on top of 11-story City Hall

Atlanta City Hall

Photo: Roof Green

4. Scottsdale, AZ
Why We Like It: Well-manicured lawn with tasteful landscaping

Scottsdale City Hall

Photo: Modern Phoenix

5. Honolulu, HI
Why We Like It: Assortment of lush greenery

Honolulu City Hall

6. Chandler, AZ
Why We Like It: Native landscaping complements modern architecture

Chandler City Hall

Photo: Architecture Now and the Future

7. Bakersfield, CA
Why We Like It: Nice variety of native landscaping

Bakersfield City Hall

Photo: Pacific Coast Architecture Database

8. Seattle, WA
Why We Like It: Minimalist landscaping at its best

Seattle City Hall

Photo: Mimoa

9. Fresno, CA
Why We Like It: Eye-catching placement of landscaping elements

Fresno City Hall

Photo: Fresno Arts Council

10. Irvine, CA
Why We Like It: Magnificently lush lawn

Irvine City Hall

Photo: City of Irvine

11. Anaheim, CA
Why We Like It: Entryway is nicely framed by palm trees

Anaheim City Hall

Photo: Heritage Village Anaheim

12. Denver, CO
Why We Like It: Beautiful trees and flowers add to architectural splendor

Denver City Hall

Photo: Flickr/tefrung

13. Chula Vista, CA
Why We Like It: Landscaping harmonizes with architecture

Chula Vista City Hall

Photo: City of Chula Vista

Top photo: Pan Am Historical Foundation


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