The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Virginia Beach, Va.

Virginia Beach hardscapes

Virginia Beach. Ahhh. The sound of the Atlantic waves crashing. Seagulls soaring above, waiting for you to drop a snack in the sand. The faint laughter of children building sand castles.

The easy access of water is why close to 3 million people a year vacation in the Resort City. Three million wanting to get away and share all the beautiful things you love about Virginia Beach. Three million invading the place you call home…Can you really blame them?

You can still enjoy the gorgeous Virginia weather and pamper yourself like a tourist at a five-star hotel. A lot of locals are creating their own backyard oasis. Ditching all the hard work that comes with lawn care, fellow Virginia Beach natives are turning to hardscaping.

Check out some of our favorite Virginia Beach hardscape designs popping up in your neighbor’s backyard.

1. Backyard Paradise


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

A contemporary exterior that provides the warmth of indoors combined with the fresh, liveliness of the great outdoors. This spacious paver patio is broken off into two distinct sections that make for a real romantic night. An outdoor kitchen area is complete with ample counter space and stove that allows the cook of the house to easily prepare a delicious meal. In its own little nook under the pergola is a stone table where you can dine under the stars. A chimney sits across from the dining area, adding the finishing touches to the perfect date night. The light stone is accentuated with smaller black blocks, that allows the designs to pop. A perfect night at home that you can’t get at the Belvedere!

2. Modern Ocean Escape


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Speaking of things you can’t get at the Belvedere! Hubba, hubba! An enclosed pool/jacuzzi combo surrounded by so many windows that you can’t help but feel that you are actually outdoors! The freeform pool plays with harsh straight and concave lines in its design, giving it a unique appearance. The playfulness of its hard/soft outline is further drilled home by the use of sturdy brick to create such a wavy flow. The brick paving also gives a natural, timeless feeling, while the very open glass offers a more contemporary vibe. Contrasts are played beautifully in this stay-cation paradise!

3. Cozy Circle Fire Pit


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Who doesn’t love a nice fire while the ocean air hits your face? That’s why the fire pit is the focal point of this gorgeous hardscape. A dark brown staircase leads to a brick circular paver patio. The outer edge is a striking light gray stone veneer that outlines a natural brick path. Earth tones are present throughout the landscape as greenery pops around the perimeter, further complimented by beige patio furniture and light green pillows. All of this centers around a dancing flame. Grab yourself some marshmallows. A night of zen is on the horizon in this peaceful backyard.

4. Relaxing Waterfront Deck Design


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Remember when I said to smell the ocean air earlier? Now give it another whiff! A vintage beach house feel complete with a traditional wooden deck overlooking the water. Sand filled mason jobs sit atop a lobster trap table to conclude the overall beach town vibe. The bright green of the lawn pops over the otherwise dull, sandy colors. Marigolds and white flowers give an extra vibrant burst of color as a night of wave watching is on the horizon. Relaxation is the main course on this menu.

5. Transitional Greyscale Patio


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Last is certainly far from least in this paver patio that has multiple circular elements. The stone veneers are placed freely amongst this wispy design. Different shades (not quote 50) of gray cause the stones to stand out in the pattern. Darker stones are used around the perimeter, drawing extra attention to the concave structure. This hardscape is split into three distinctive sections. The grill, the dining area, and the fire pit. Each segment makes for an intimate entertainment experience. The patio furniture’s blacks and grays match perfectly with the stones in the patio, playing with more colors on the grayscale spectrum. This hardscape presents a very contemporary update to otherwise sturdy stone veneers we have grown accustomed to.

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Michael Lathrop