The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Tallahassee, FL


Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Tallahassee, FL

Thinking about making a change to your backyard? Well, you should. Change is a good thing! It’s just that sometimes you want to make a change, but don’t know how to get the ball rolling. Well, stick up that index finger, place a basketball on it and give that sucker a spin because you’re in luck! All renovation projects begin with an idea, and we have one for you.


What the what? Hardscaping―It’s a growing trend in Florida that sees people sprucing up their backyards by incorporating hard materials into their landscape. Got some land in your backyard in need of a makeover? Ditch the green for a new scene like the five hottest hardscaping yards in Tallahassee.

1. Contemporary Hardscape Design

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Why we like it:

A very contemporary approach to the outdoor pool and jacuzzi combo. The mood is set for a little R&R in elegance with the sleek and symmetrical silver framing being beautifully accentuated by the dark wood paneling. Parallel greenery on each side, along with the beige cushions further the clean, ethereal vibe of this relaxation haven. The symmetry continues its consistency with dual fire pits adding the finishing touches on your private getaway.

2. Live Oak Plantation

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Why we like it:

Modern meets contemporary in this classic style Tudor patio. Beautiful brick surrounds an in ground pool with a vase-like shape, giving the sturdy brick a subtle personality. The bricks are complemented by the Colosseum-esque columns on the porch, creating a unique contrast of vintage with the contemporary looking house and extravagant in ground pool.

3. Backyard Retreat

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Why we like it:

Ahhh, welcome to paradise. This is a backyard you can let loose in! A squiggly shaped pool surrounded by the scattered flagstone gives a sense of freedom essential to retreating in your own backyard. The patio is decked out with simple but classic wooden chairs that are given an extra pop by the accompanying green surrounding them. A jacuzzi is modestly placed in the corner for a romantic nook, and the hammock is begging for you…and perhaps a daiquiri. Leave all your worries at the front door, please!

4. Contemporary Outdoor Living Space

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Why we like it:

Looking for a cozy game of cards and drinks on a warm Tallahassee night? Yeah. Hit me, dealer.
This is a Tudor style patio whose focal point is the area where all the fun happens. Enclosed by a brick wall only a foot high and an open wooden frame ceiling, you get the intimate sense of being in a room but the freedom of fresh outdoor air. Simple LED rope lights create the vibe of home that comes with hanging out late on the patio with your closest family and friends. A stone pathway in the grass from the fence continues the welcoming nature, inviting you to take a seat, and get dealt in.

5. Modern Farmhouse

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Why we like it:

Tallahassee is the south, and this farmhouse brings that southern flavor. Simple, worn wooden floors give a sense of nostalgia as you gather around the brick chimney. A nod to the farm life is evident in the charming wooden mantle. The stylish brown lights match the cushions of the patio furniture. These classic outdoor chairs have a texture that further compliments the surrounding brick. This setup offers a great balance between privacy and having a relaxing night outside at the farm.

That’s it for our picks!

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