The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Portland, Ore.

Having a stellar exterior design is just as important as having a stellar interior design. Interestingly enough, both have very similar conceptual approaches.

Garden design, much like interior design, has two constructed elements: the hard palette and soft palette. The hard palette includes brick paving, concrete, stone or wood decking. The soft palette includes plants, mulching, trees, grass, etc.

Normally, we’re on the soft palette side of the business helping to maintain these beautiful designs and installs.

But today, we’d like to shed some light on the wonderful outdoor living spaces that are abundant in Portland, OR. We took our time selecting our favorites and they’re in no particular order.

Hope you enjoy our picks!

1. Japanese Garden

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Photo: Houzz

Why we like it: This Japanese garden is the definition of feng shui. The floating deck allows the homeowner to completely immerse their-self into the design. The garden features a koi pond, slate patio, fire feature, floating deck, screening, garden, rain garden, paths, bridges, and more.

Designed by: Sadafumi Uchiyama

2. Yamhill County Vineyard Residence

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Photo: Houzz

Why we like it: The meticulous attention to detail is worthy of being acknowledged. As a former stone mason I can appreciate the tight grout lines throughout the entire design. Everything from the waterfall to the pool was carefully designed with peace and serenity in mind. The soft palette also deserves a shout out. The color design is warm and inviting and reminds us why it’s OK to escape from civilization every once in a while.

Designed by: Shapiro Didway

3. Nicole Ct Property

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Photo: Houzz

Why we like it: This unique and elegant hardscape was designed for use. There are plenty of spaces to sit and enjoy a natural, upscale outdoor living space and indulge in good conversation. We’re also huge fans of waterfalls when it comes to swimming pools. This design will definitely create a wonderful area to host group events!

Designed by: Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

4. Private Residence Walkway

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Photo: Houzz

Why we like it: This peaceful walkway and rock garden reminds us that we don’t have to spend a hundred thousand dollars in order to achieve the backyard of our dreams. The curvature of the walkway has a natural feel to it and the square boulders lining the walkway are a great contrast to the winding path.

Designed by: Cultivate Landscape Design

5. Terraced Garden & Patio

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Photo: Houzz

Why we like it: The design reminds me of courtyards that I’ve seen in old English photos. It’s a modern design with a classical look and feel. The fact that the patio is so open is also a plus. It doesn’t constrict anyone to one particular location within the design.

Designed by: Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Center

That’s it for our picks!

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Jake Hill

Jake Hill grew up working for his dad's landscaping company, and spent over 6 years covering the lawn care industry for LawnStarter. His expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and more.