The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in New Orleans, LA

Pool in a backyard

Top 5 Hardscape Designs in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans: exotic and ornamental, courtyards and carriageways and colonnaded houses. The scent of jasmine blossoms in the air. It’s the “City of Mystery,” “Queen of the Mississippi,” and “Big Easy.” And with it all, a subtropical climate that invites outdoor living all, or most of, the year.

Sometimes you have to go no farther than your yard to enjoy the pleasant weather in “Nawlins.” We’ve chosen the following hardscape designs, because they are innovative, creative, yet practical. You may be able to adapt some of the elements to your own yard.

If or when you consider creating your own private retreat, some things to keep in mind:

  • Establish a theme that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Determine how to best use the space available.
  • Work your vision into the trees and structures already established.

Professionally designed landscapes add value to your home, but more important, they add an intangible value to your life.

1. Anthony’s Architectural Landscape Construction


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

This is such a brilliant integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces it’s almost an optical illusion—there is no beginning, there is no end. The imaginative shape of the pool combines with the Mediterranean-themed waterfall. A gleaming bronze statue continues the theme. The subtle and tasteful arrangement of decorative plants emphasize, rather than compete with, the mature trees that provide a curtain of privacy.

2. Amann and Associates


Why we like it:

It seems that we’ve stumbled upon an unspoiled paradise in the midst of a rain forest. Except for the buildings in the background. This tropical theme of this New Orleans sanctuary flows through every element from the free-form pool to the greenery that appears to be growing wild, but is indeed meticulously cared for to the surroundings of uneven ground levels and well-placed rocks. Note the flagstones with dwarf mondo grass growing between them—unkempt looking at first glance, then the realization that this element completes the design.

3. Landscape Images Ltd


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

This hideaway can be used to entertain guests or to ponder life in solitude. It is so well planned that it looks unplanned—an apparently casual arrangement of softscape and hardscape that demonstrates the technical, ecological, and artistic sensibilities of the designer.

The variegated red brick pavers provide an interesting focal point. The trees surrounding it are a diverse selection of new plants and mature trees, including fan palms and a Japanese plum tree that imparts a subtle touch of color.

The koi pond brings an element of feng shui, and the marble resin statue of a meditating Buddha continues the Asian influence and marks the area as a spiritual retreat.

4. Exterior Designs, Inc. by Beverly Katz


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Why have a front yard when you can have a front courtyard? Especially when it looks like it has been magically transported from the French Quarter. The mature trees provide privacy without completely blocking out the world. The raised garden beds add variety to the design of the red brick pavers as they incorporate plants and flowers. The bed in the center of the courtyard contains yarrow, wildflowers often found in meadows—contained but untamed as they tumble out of the bed.

5. Artscape Land Design


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Nice things come in small packages. A relatively small backyard has been transformed into a haven away from a hectic, demanding world. The contemporary design of the pool is repeated in the pergola with white columns and black beams—a refuge, when needed, from the hot New Orleans sun. The pool coping is natural flagstone; the pool deck is constructed of durable and environmentally friendly concrete pavers. The lush and privacy-ensuring greenery includes a brilliant red “Louisiana Flash” cajun hibiscus bush and a dwarf palmetto, a compact but striking fan palm tree.

That’s it for our picks!

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Lois Crouse