The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Kansas City


Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Kansas City

For this Top 5, we searched for the most gorgeous hardscapes in Kansas City and found five designs that we absolutely fell in love with.

In order to maintain an unbiased and varied selection, the one rule for this list is that we can only choose one hardscape per firm and style. There were loads of similar hardscapes that came close, but, in the end, only one could be counted. So, there were plenty of hard decisions to make. Luckily for you, we made them for you.

Hopefully, with five different styles, you’ll find one that you’ll fall for too! Check them out below!

1. The Small Traditional Rustic Hardscape


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Come on, you must have saw this coming. It’s traditionalism! Like the name implies, this style has lasted through centuries at a time and, yet, it still catches our eye to day.

The main misconception that most people tend to associate with beautiful hardscapes is that it has to be expensive to be the best looking install in the neighborhood. However, that’s not necessary true. In design, there has to be flow, pairing, and depth rather than size and the dollar amount.

Sure large scale hardscapes are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that only large scale hardscapes are beautiful. Berry Outdoor Living designed this stunning hardscape with its particular size in mind. Whereas the attention is evident, but not overwhelming.

Like the styles before, this rustic hardscape embodies all of the other four styles. It’s practical and pairs nicely with the surrounding natural component. Also, even as a traditional design, it has elements that make it stand out from the others. Finally, it’s wooden features (like its furniture and courtyard) seems to appeal to the artisan in us.

2. Arts and Crafts at Westover

hardscape_design_twoPhoto: Houzz

Why we like it:

One of the reasons why I admire the Arts and Crafts Movement in hardscape design is because it hinges on the notion that people are naturally attracted to aesthetic objects that include the human component.

In other words, we like handmade things because they were made by artisans instead of machines.

PLAID Collaborative’s courtyard embodies this idea with its meeting place and its focus on varied texture instead of a uniform design, which is what gives it that handmade look. It also effectively corresponds with a large grassy lawn, which allows the empty space to increase its potential at much higher level. Traditionally, that’s what courtyards are and we love ‘em.

3. The Ethereal Glow from Hallbrook Farms


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Nothing says “Ethereal” like midair steams of water and LED lights (which can change colors I might add!). Honestly, if I had to describe Ethereal, I would say “unseen and unique.” Furthermore, if I had to describe unseen and unique, I would answer “wads of cash.” From the VanElders Design Studio’s description:

“Special components include a shallow reef area at one end mirrored by a 360 degree elevated infinity edge spa on the other. Additional pool amenities include fire and water features, LED color changing lights, surround sound system, and a travertine stone patio.”

In translation, it sounds like you could afford someone’s entire four-year college tuition with this kind of luxury. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely impressed by this level of quality, which is why it made its way onto this list with its twists in designs and layout. I particularly enjoy the overall feel of the hardship in contrast to the house; it doesn’t seem like it was created, but rather included with the property since the beginning of time.

4. An Light English Country Feel in Kansas City


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

Maverick Landscaping brought the brick and tile hardscape to life while incorporating a complementary pairing in design with the trees, which truly embodies the secluded aspect of EC. The layout hosts plenty of space, subtly divided in sections, to offer both the possibility of privacy without the feeling of exclusion.

In that sense, it not only shows potential for parties, but also individual encounters and meetings. Whereas, number five seems to lean more heavily on the formal end, this hardscape provides a versatile outlook on formal and informal. It is as if it can be a place where you and your partner can share business strategies or a pint… or both!

5. The Contemporary Look at Prairie Village Refuge


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

From the best of Houzz 2016 in Landscape Design, The Lorax Design Group has really outdone themselves in terms of accenting bold colors and creating a minimalistic flat design – especially by the furniture.

One of my favorite things about this Contemporary style is that it’s warm and inviting, and the design itself is meant to invoke conversation and interaction. There’s a table and plenty of space of visitors to interact with one another. Likewise, there’s just enough to impress but not distract.

That’s it for our picks!

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