The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Acworth, GA

The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Acworth, GA

In Acworth, you have the best of both worlds. Actually, you have the best of three worlds. You have the small-town sense of community. You have access to professional sports teams and the cultural offerings of Atlanta. And the great outdoors are as close as Lake Acworth and Lake Allatoona with beaches, water sports, and campgrounds. You could be busy all the time if you wanted.

Those who want a respite from their busy work and play schedules take their “time-outs” enjoying their homes and yards. Some Acworth residents have established personalized outdoor areas that combine the best of form and function while cleverly using the space available, whether expansive or cozy, to its best advantage.

We’ve selected five designs that demonstrate the utmost creativity and individuality in local hardscape installations.

1. Werner Landscape


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Why we like it:

This design, created on two ground levels, divides the yard up into three areas that are distinct yet unified. The pagoda, nestled in among the apple blossoms, opens out onto the pool’s travertine stone coping. The unusual half-moon pool has a stone waterfall that links it to the half-moon spa on the upper level. The ingeniousness of this design allows people to be using the different areas at the same time and yet feel a degree of privacy.

Examples of the fastidious attention to detail are the herringbone pattern of the brick porch and the concrete planters on top of the waterfall with ivy flowing out of them and around tiny but perfectly trimmed bushes.

2. Etowah Landscape Group

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Why we like it:

This design with elements borrowed from European gardens adds an Old World charm to the exterior of this home. The slanted, raised planting bed circled in stone that compliments the stone in the steps while contrasting with them is an incredibly imaginative element.

The planting bed includes flowering plants such as “Renaissance Bridal Wreath,” shrubbery such as evergreen hedges, and herbal plants such as English lavender, all neatly set into cocoa mulch. A fortunate accident of nature are the tall thin trees surrounding the property that echo the columns of the house and the lovely blooms of the wisteria trees that soften the angularity.

3. Unique Environmental Landscapes

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Why we like it:

A small space is more of a challenge. A small space with ground too irregular for any practical usage is a whole other level of challenge—one that was met beautifully in this hardscape design.

The patio with its tumbled marble pavers, circular fire pit fashioned from rough-hewn rocks and topped with quarry stone pavers, and matching semi-circle wall brings solidity and stability to the lumpy, bumpy landscape. The flora was left in its pleasantly haphazard state, leaving little need for an abundance of foliage on the patio. A few modest plants and a scattering of colorful flowers add just the right note.

4. Artistic Landscapes

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Why we like it:

The centerpiece of this design is the koi pond and the graduated installed waterfall that empties into it. Concrete pavers provide a durable walkway that does not compete with the profusion of trees and plants that decorate this area.

The forest of hardwood trees hovers over a magnificent array of trees, bushes, and plants arranged in neatly mulched beds. The mesquite trees are especially eye-catching, while white, pink, lavender, and red impatiens supply bright color.

5. Cultivators Design and Landscape


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Why we like it:

This is such fun—as though it was lifted right out of Haight-Ashbury! (Does anyone know Haight-Ashbury?) I can almost hear tambourines and smell patchouli.

The basic hardscape design is simple: granite cobbles placed in a circle and then, for the fire pit, a circle within that circle, and a pergola that looks like 2 x 4’s hastily hammered together. The hardscape elements are fleshed out with fabric draped across the pergola; a hodgepodge of plants in earthenware pots, metal containers, even multiple plants in their plastic pot right from the nursery; and tepee trellises.

The wood-chip mulch covering the yard fits in with the Bohemian theme—and it doesn’t need to be mowed. It also cannot sustain life, therefore the vertical gardens hanging on the fence.

Each design reflects the personalities, lifestyle, and interests of the homeowners.

That’s it for our picks!

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Lois Crouse