The Top 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Kissimmee, FL

“Kissimmee” is derived from a Native American word for “village.” Or from a Spanish mission called Atissimi. Or from the Spanish name for the area, “Cacema.” Whichever explanation you prefer, Kissimmee began as a haven for Native American tribes escaping European domination and Africans escaping slavery.

In the 1950s, the population of KIssimmee grew as a haven for retirees, especially those from the northeast escaping frigid winters. Then, of course, the 1970s brought nearby Walt Disney World, and the population ballooned to 30,000. It has continued to grow and today it is 59,000.

Kissimmee is a tourist favorite for its proximity to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and similar attractions.The residents, however, favor it for the cost of housing that is considerably lower than the U.S. average and for its warm, sunny climate that provides them with lush lawns, picturesque trees and shrubbery, and colorful flowers year-round.

1. Country Estate on Oakhurst Circle


Photo: Zillow

Why we like it: This magnificent lawn recalls the romanticism of the deep South and lounging on the lanai sipping mint juleps on a sultry summer day. Serenity and privacy are afforded by the Southern Live Oaks. A perfectly landscaped, emerald green lawn showcases the delightful variety of plants and flowers.

2. Equestrian Elegance on Twilight Trail


Photo: Zillow

Why we like it: The home is a gem in a fabulous five-acre setting. Swaying palm trees line the circular driveway. Across the front of the home are windmill palm trees among a harmonious variety of shrubbery. The lawn is a testament to excellent care and extends into the pasture decorated with trees that provide shade for the horses.

3. Lake Side Mansion on Grandview Boulevard


Photo: Zillow

Why we like it: The entrance to this brick estate on Lake Tohopekaglia is a wonderland of intriguing landscape design. The brick pathways complement the home’s exterior as they wend their way among an array of trees that includes princess, queen, date, and macaw palms. The grass that carpets the lawn is a luxuriant green, the hedges neatly sculpted, and the flowers a colorful and fragrant flourish.

4. Classic Country on Oren Brown Road


Photo: Zillow

Why we like it: This stucco and shake shingle country-style residence boasts an oasis for a backyard. The pool and spa are curtained with the surrounding palm trees and long-established hardwoods. The decorative inlaid stone path is bordered by an exquisitely lush lawn, sculpted hedges, and flowering plants. Then, for the landscape that has everything: a putting green!

5. Executive Home on Hawks Nest Drive


Photo: Zillow

Why we like it: The landscaping for this home on one-third of an acre proves that big doesn’t always mean better. The lawn is thick and healthy and invites you to feel the plush green beneath your bare feet. Tall and elegant palm trees, neat and compact bushes, and the pops of hot pink from bromeliad plants are highly decorative even though space is limited.

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