The 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Apex, NC


The Top 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Apex, NC

Apex was named the “Number 1 Best Place to Live in the US” by Time/Money Magazine in 2015 and the year before the “Number 5 Happiest Suburb in America” by Movoto, the prestigious online real estate agency. Great praise for a town that was once little more than a stop on the Chatham Railroad between Virginia and Florida. It became “Apex,” because it was the railroad’s highest point.

The 1960s brought an influx of high-tech companies from around the world to Research Triangle Park. In the 1990s, growth soared again as more technology firms, and their employees, settled into the area. Today, with a population of more than 40,000, Apex has never lost that “small town” warmth and sense of community.

The most notable landscapes in Apex blend long-established flora with innovative landscape designs.

1. Waterfront Estate on Wooded Lake Drive


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Why we like it: The naturally wooded background of hardwood trees showcases the formal garden that borrows the best of the classic English garden: the perfectly manicured hedges, sculpted bushes, and gravel walkways. The saltwater pool, of course, is a very modern element that fits nicely into the overall design.

2. French Country Chateau on Olive Chapel Road


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Why we like it: The eclectic and charming design of the home, built with natural stone and featuring turrets and cupolas, is set into a natural setting of hardwood and fir trees that line the 10-acre property. Close to the home, the front lawn is handsome and well cared for, the shrubs manicured, and the flowering plants a welcoming note of color. In the distance are the winding paths and expansive horse pastures.

3. Country Home on Shad Lane


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Why we like it: The custom-designed home sits among a circle of mature trees that hover over the property, seemingly protecting the growing saplings. The 12-acre estate includes a private pond and colorful gardens. In the distance is the exquisitely maintained pasture. In the immediate vicinity of the home, there is a terraced backyard with manicured shrubbery.

4. Sophisticated Ranch on Wingate Hill Court


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Why we like it: This one corner of the property that surrounds an impressive ranch home reflects the overall landscaping design. The lawn is a plush emerald carpet of well-kept grass. Shrubbery and flowering plants are placed among long-established trees, the contrast eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps most distinctive is the “island” in the lawn with two mature trees standing sentry on either side of sculpted bushes.

5. Traditional Home on Summer Brook Drive


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Why we like it: The home may be traditional but the landscaping is not. This is a perfect example that acres are not always needed for an outstanding lawn. On this half acre, the path of lush grass passes the delightful mix of mature trees interlaced with flowering plants on its way to the venerable weeping willow.

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