The Top 5 Hardscape Designs in Denver

Denver is known for the beautiful Rockies — and breathing-taking rock-hard hardscapes.

What is a hardscape? This is using solid materials to create beautiful patios, walkways, and freeform pools. It’s a way to reduce watering and mowing while still having a beautiful Denver landscape.

Don’t believe that you can create a gorgeous outdoor experience without a huge lawn? Check out some of your neighbors in Denver for some inspiration. Here are the top 5 hardscapes of the Rocky region.

1. Awestruck in Arching Echo

Photo Credit: Redi-Rock International / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Why we like it:

This is a backyard built for a royal family. A gorgeous vanishing edge brick retaining wall beautifully curves around the patio in a fashion that resembles a moat. Further accentuating the majestic nature of this hardscape, are the strong columns present throughout the whole patio. My favorite touch is that the bottom of the columns are made of the brick that you see in the retaining wall. Little touches like this go a long way in making you feel cozy in your home. All of this strength exhibited by the columns and moats are offset splendidly by the light, earth-tone hues of the stone ground and matching chair set. A variety of greens spruce up all the hard materials in this hardscape, making for a delicate balance of security and comfort.

2. Kingly in Castle Pines

Why we like it:

OK, so we thought we were royalty in Arching Echo, but now we have reached the castle. Is there anything bigger than a king? Leave a comment in the section below. I am far too lazy to Google myself.

Let’s just jump right in. I love when water is the focal point of the hardscape, and here we have not one, but DOS bodies of water. In the back is a stunning pool, and in the front is an adorable fish pond. Rocks varying in size create the outline of the pond, as a small waterfall dances across them to reach the bottom. Little details like this give it a real woodsy feeling. Before we head to the backyard, let’s take a look to appreciate the architecture. The sharp peaks of the roof are contrasted magnificently by the crescent beams. It’s a truly unique way to play with shape.

Now for the grand finale. The beautiful freeform pool is surrounded by even bigger rocks of varying shapes. I love the consistency between the front yard and backyard. It’s like the back pool is the fish pond, but with a lot of espresso. More geometry games are present as all these hard bricks and tiles are given a softness by its curved perimeter. Lastly, shout out to the spiral tree that further gives this backyard a unique look.

3. Nice Ni-Water Composition

Why we like it:

This just screams one word. Exotic! A beautiful Tudor style front yard is thriving with life! Shades of white and yellow flowers give such a structured design a sense of wildness and freedom. We could end the show here, but it’s the backyard that brings the enchantment. Flagstone lay about carelessly through this huge open space with two chairs smack dab in the middle of this natural wonderland. Serenity is heightened as a peaceful waterfall dances across the rocks. Wild plants seem to pop up wherever nature deemed necessary, giving the backyard an organic outdoor vibe. Before we leave this backyard retreat, we would be remiss not to point out the fire pit built within huge rocks. It’s so easy to sit in those two chairs and be engulfed with the beauty that is nature.

4. Flowers in Space

Why we like it:

Zen is all around us. This Chinese garden is guaranteed to calm your nerves after a long day. Water is everywhere, and we love it! A waterfall glistens down the rocks into a pond surrounding a simple raised wooden porch. Amongst the rocks is even more of nature’s floor plan, as a unique pathway of stone and rock takes you through the pond. There is a lot to love, but the little details are what steal our hearts. A beautiful garden of flowers surround a fire pit with a hand carved wooden bench. As you make your way through various orange and yellow wildflowers, and the adventurous purples that are creeping thyme, you will make your way to the main course. Steps made of stone lead you to a Chinese inspired pavilion. These arches are absolutely stunning. They welcome you to the inside of the pavilion where you can oversee your zen garden, breathe in the fresh air, and meditate that stress away!

5. Clean and Modern in Sloans Lake

Why we like it:

A hardscape so clean, we could eat dinner off of it! Sturdy rectangular shapes are played around with as different types of material is used in the hardscape. Cherry woods are beautifully played up against dark slate grays. Built into one of the walls is a modest waterfall that cascades into a pond of light gray pebbles. Symmetry is present throughout the entire yard as each plant has a place, uniformly planted at precise increments, acting as the icing on this chic, modern cake.

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Michael Lathrop