The Top 5 Glamorous Gardens in NOLA

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What makes a garden glamorous? Uniqueness. Charm. Vibrancy. Wait, am I describing a garden or N’awlins? What makes your landscape gleaming with glamour is that je ne sais quoi. That little hint of cayenne kick in your Creole cuisine. That glimmer in the beads that makes them say, “All right! Let’s take off our tops!”

The hustle and bustle, the liveliness, the love of the south. These are the values that drive millions to New Orleans every year. To live in an area so alive, you need to embrace the culture. The uniqueness. The charm. The vibrancy. Here are some of the most glamorous gardens in New Orleans, soaking in those Crescent City values like a maraschino in moonshine!

1. Butterfly Garden

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Photos: Houzz

Why we like it:

A variety of greens of different shapes, sizes, and hues carelessly wander throughout the yard. It’s got the free spirit that a sea of people walking down Burbon Street during Mardi Gras possesses. Bamboo handrails continue that feeling of openness as they guide you across freeform shaped stones through a breath-taking array of yellow and orange wildflowers. All roads lead to the talking piece of the butterfly garden…The butterfly. This butterfly effect has a mosaic, tangram vibe. The outline of a butterfly is filled with a variety of stones floating uninhibited inside the wings. The smaller, round stones in the middle give the piece a sense of structure, much like the body of an actual butterfly. The elegance and complexity of butterflies, and New Orleans, is on exhibit in this piece. Extra shout for the gazebo made of twigs!

2. Formal Garden District

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Why we like it:

With a name like Garden District, no pressure at all to be a glamorous garden! No. Not at all. Either way, this house lives up to the hype. Whites and purples pop in a curvy hedge maze. It’s very crescent-esque. Killing it with the New Orleans puns today. The centerpiece of this dazzling dance of green is a birdbath. Perfect cool-off for our pollinator friends! Tudor style walkways make for a very comfy, homey feel. They are outlined magnificently by a short privet hedge, which neighbors some well-manicured grass. This play on depth and texture gives a simple edge to this glamorous New Orleans garden.

3. Garden Gates

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Why we like it:

This garden has the perfect balance of simplicity and personality. No frills on the walkways. The garden speaks for itself here. The brunnera is a beautiful, drought-tolerant plant to have in a New Orleans garden. The whites truly pop on the green, giving off a frosty glow as it sits in the shade. The side of the house is decorated by a parade of hedges. As they progress closer to the house, the heights of the shrubbery gets taller. This layered effect allows for a ton of variety in a rather small space. It’s a great example of making best use of the surroundings that you have. Once again, simplicity meets personality.

4. Uptown Pool Patio

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Why we like it:

Who doesn’t love a little dip in the pool during a hot New Orleans summer? A very rustic, unassuming walkway leads to you down a windy path of beautiful colors. The reds in the plants compliment the beautiful red centers of the yellow hibiscus. The small pink flowers in the forefront offer a great play in size and shape. This pattern continues around to the main course of this hardcsape─the freeform pool! My favorite part is the little nook by the back porch. The pool tile is fanned over by a fern, and kiddie cornered by a small garden. It’s the perfect area to have an “ahhhh” moment when you need a few seconds to yourself after a long day.

5. Tropical Paradise

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Why we like it:

Last in our list of five most glamorous gardens in New Orleans is this Palatial Palm Paradise. Say that five times fast, Peter Piper. Go pick your peppers. We’re picking this landscape! Palm trees, bamboo palm, little palm shrubs. The front yard is screaming for a piña colada. And you might just find yourself relaxing with one when you make your way to the backyard. I think by the L-shaped pool may be a good start.

There we have it. Five glamorous gardens in New Orleans. So if you are looking to live la vida loca in the Big Easy, we hope some of the glamour of these gardens gave you some inspiration!

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Michael Lathrop