The Top 10 Best Landscaped Waterfront Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

Investing in landscaping can seem daunting and unpredictable. However, according to an article by The Washington Post, homeowners actually should invest 10% of the value of their home in landscaping, usually expecting anywhere between a 100% to 150% return on investment, or ROI. (Though there have been stories of ROI on landscaping being 1000% or more.)

Additionally, a home’s total value could increase anywhere from 5% to 20% depending on the aesthetics of the landscape and the qualities of the home itself.

According to Zillow research, the median home value of a waterfront property compared to a non-waterfront property in Virginia Beach in 2014 was $940,100 to $260,900 (3.6 times more). So the benefits of investing in landscaping on a waterfront property could be exponential compared to a non-waterfront property.

How much value does landscaping add?

Using our insights from the article written by The Washington Post and the data from Zillow as an example:

Investing 10% of the home’s value in landscaping on a non-waterfront property at a value of $260,900, with a 15% home value increase, would raise the total home value to $300,035.

Using the same process for a waterfront property would raise the total home value to $1,081,115.

That’s an increase of $39,135 for the non-waterfront property compared to an increase of $141,015 for the waterfront property, a difference of $101,880.

Starts to make investing in landscaping on waterfront properties sound like a good idea…

So, we decided to take a look at waterfront properties on the market right now in Virginia Beach, VA that have had significant landscape makeovers and choose our Top 10. Check ’em out below!

1. Majestic Nantucket Estate on Windward Shore Drive

[metaslider id=5900]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: The lawn has the best grass on the list (and we really like grass).

2. Extraordinary Waterfront Home on Spring House Trail

[metaslider id=5880]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: The contour lines that the rock bed and mulch flower bed combination make in the front yard.

3. Traditional Style Lake House on Caton Drive

[metaslider id=5809]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Beautiful masonry surrounding the poolside.

4. Incredible Private Estate on Moores Lane

[metaslider id=5858]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Personal backyard put-put green. Duh.

5. Spectacular Transitional Style Estate on Bay Shore Drive

[metaslider id=5870]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: The weathered stonescape pleasantly compliments the green foliage.

6. Transitional Style Lake Home on River Court

[metaslider id=5820]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Impeccable texture design in the hardscape.

7. Fabulous 8.3 Acre Estate on Lynndale Road

[metaslider id=5830]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Sometimes, in landscaping, a simple design is the best design.

8. Extraordinary Waterfront Estate on Chewink Court

[metaslider id=5839]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Excellent use of tame ground cover.

9. One-Of-A-Kind “Traditional” Estate on Duke of Windsor Road

[metaslider id=5850]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: The rock berm separating the bay and estate gives it superior flare.

10. Awesome Mini Resort on 55th Street

[metaslider id=5891]

Photos: Zillow

Why We Like It: Amazingly eloquent front porch.

There’s also an entire science behind why and how much investing in landscaping increases the total value of a home. But we’ll save that for another post.

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