The 5 Most Luxurious Lawns in Atlanta, GA

This week we searched for the most luxurious lawns in Atlanta, GA and found multiple jaw-dropping estates in the northern region of Atlanta. Landscape is often times one of the more overlooked features when consumers are searching for a home, however beautiful landscape design and a well manicured lawn can be the icing on the cake that turns a pretty home into a flat out gorgeous home. Check out the list we put together below!

1. Custom Brick and Stone Estate on West Paces Ferry Road

numerounoPhoto: Zillow

This luxurious Carriage House custom estate boasting marvelous gardens,a swimming pool, summer house, freestanding office, and a workman’s area sits on a 10 acre lot that’s carpeted with stunning landscape. Though the color variation lacks, the placement of various evergreens and native shrubbery is simply brilliant. Everything flows magnificently together like a well-written storybook. But let’s not forget that lawn. The previous homeowners either had quite the green thumb or knew exactly who to hire for lawn care maintenance.

2. Woodland Hills Manor on West Paces Ferry Road


Photo: Zillow

This tucked away estate is considered to be the finest estate on the market. Probably because it sits on a secure 5 acre hilltop and champions 4 finished floors, a full movie theater, mudroom, pool, outdoor terraces, formal gardens, and an elevator! The area around the pool is constructed with the finest cut flagstone Georgia can find and is peppered with splashes of color from the well kept perennial planters. I would also like to turn the attention to the lush, green color of the grass. Georgia naturally has amazing soil for the landscape enthusiast but the previous homeowner of this estate definitely went the extra mile to keep this lawn pristine.

3. 2013 National Obie Award Winning Home on Blackland Road


Photo: Zillow

This Mediterranean style home designed by world renowned architect Jeffrey Smith is radiating with color and flare. In 2013 it was awarded the very prestigious National Obie Award, and rightfully so. The home is centered on an axis for optimal exposure to sunlight, which is curious for those with an eye for great landscape design. The angle in which the sun’s warm rays bounce of off the tulips and other juvenile shrubs across the lawn gives it a sort of shimmering effect that’s elegant and graceful. Once again, the well groomed lawn is simply icing on the cake.

4. Gorgeous Estate on Cherokee Road


Photo: Zillow

Even the realtors can’t hide the fact that this is one of the most exuberant lawns in the entire state of Georgia – maybe even the US. They definitely didn’t forget to point out that the home is “located on 4 acres of meticulously maintained gardens which includes a gorgeous limestone garden pavilion” and has a “lovely lawn”. Rare selling points for luxurious estates anywhere you go. We’re so excited about the lawn that I can’t even say anything about the house – it would be an injustice to lawn enthusiasts everywhere.

5. Colonial Style Home on Tuxedo Court


Photo: Zillow

Another prime example of a glorious estate with an equivalent lawn. This colonial estate features a private backyard with a pool and beautiful fountains. Once again, the pleasant assortment of evergreen trees and shrubs makes up for the lack of color on the property. And besides what we’re really here for to appreciate the stunning lawn that compliments the house. Feel free to follow the link and check out other features this property has to offer!

That’s it for our list today! I would like to add that these aren’t listed in any particular order, each property has its features that make it stand out compared to the next property.

Have any questions about our list our general questions about lawn care in Atlanta, Georgia? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!



Jake Hill

Jake Hill grew up working for his dad's landscaping company, and spent over 6 years covering the lawn care industry for LawnStarter. His expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and more.