The 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Kansas City, MO


The 5 Most Majestic Lawns in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has come a long way from its beginnings as a trading post and the last place to get supplies for the homesteaders heading west. It is now a thriving metropolis with world-class museums, buildings and sites of historical significance, upscale shopping, and restaurants offering international cuisine. The sprawling city has more than 240 neighborhoods, and from those neighborhoods, we selected homes with elaborate and aesthetically pleasing lawns that illustrate the individual tastes of the Kansas City homeowners and the exceptional talents of local landscaping firms.

1. French Country Home on Mulberry Drive

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Photos: Zillow

Why we like it:

This brick and stone French Country home is situated on a rolling landscape reminiscent of Provence, France. The mix of natural and installed greenery is an excellent example of using what exists while augmenting it with features that add to the homeowners’ enjoyment of their property.

Trees appearing to grow wild are set among well-tended, but casual, bushes that fit into the hills and valleys of the lawn. At the rear of the home is an area dedicated to the appreciation of wild growth, including weeds, and a statue of St. Francis of Assisi, who loved all of nature. An element of feng shui appears in the pond bordered with rocks placed in a natural formation.

2. The House on the Hill, Cosby Court

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Why we like it:

This custom-designed brick home has an expansive and welcoming facade with a rich, thick carpet of lawn and an eye-appealing variety of hardwood trees, firs, shrubbery, and hedges. Please note the graduated hedges by the front door.

The rear of the home is a bastion of privacy. The canopies of trees and walls of shrubs create a world away from the world. The grass is so lush that your bare feet will not be able to resist it. Flowering plants add a profusion of color to the area surrounding the salt-water pool. The pergola invites outdoor living with its fireplace and grill, nestled within an alcove of greenery worthy of a rain forest.

3. Art Deco on State Line Road

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Why we like it:

This home is on the the National Registry of Historic Places. It stands as a testament to the Art Deco era with its reinforced steel, concrete and glass design.

The approach to the home along the curved driveway is lined with established hardwood and fir trees. Notice how the greenery becomes smaller and more sparse as your eye is drawn to the front door. Either side of the drive is carpeted with a flourishing lawn, the cross pattern of mowing an indication of the fine care it receives. In the rear is a serene setting of a quiet pool surrounded by flora, some plants growing wild, others tamed into submission with a design as sharp as the lines of the home.

4. Prairie Stucco and Frame on Wyandotte Street

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Why we like it:

Prairie-style homes were designed for simplicity, comfort, and utility. The horizontal and vertical planes of the home are both accentuated and softened by the landscaping. The lush, emerald-green front lawn is a mirror-image horizontal plane, while the sharply pruned hedges create a vertical, and welcoming, path to the door. Both the natural and installed trees and bushes seem to curve around the house, embracing it and taking the edge off of those angles.

A brick-paved patio is cozy, privacy provided by the trellis-like fence that supports growing vines. A brick wall along the edge of the patio and around the tree is festooned with ivy that adds whimsy to the design.

5. Fabulous French Estate on Fish Road

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Why we like it:

This stone custom home, designed by its builder, is a relaxed adaptation of the classic French country home. Of course, the owner would have nothing but the most professional and complimentary landscaping to view from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The gently sloping front lawn makes a fine canvas for the many artistic botanical elements, including the fir trees that add a bit of blue-green to the scene, the perfectly trimmed hedges, and the sculpted bushes—please note the innovative spiral design of the two at the foot of the steps.

In the rear of the home is the brick-paved porch and patio, rimmed with the hedges that create a low and neat border, as they open onto an expanse of luxurious lawn punctuated with fruit trees.

That’s it for our picks!

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Lois Crouse