The 5 Most Glamorous Gardens in Cary, NC

The 5 Most Glamorous Gardens in Cary, North Carolina

When we think of Cary, we think of education and high-tech businesses. We think of its official slogan, “The Technology Town of North Carolina” or its unofficial slogan, “Congested Area of Relocated Yankees” (CARY). There are lots of words that come to mind: safe, clean, well-kept, friendly, peaceful, convenient. “Glamorous” isn’t on that list, and we’re going to change that right now.

There are glamorous gardens in and around Cary, and we have chosen five that need to be spotlighted. If you look around, we’re sure you can find more.

1. Kiper Landscape Designs


Photo: Houzz

Why we like it:

The allure of this Japanese garden is in its beauty, serenity, and spirituality. The design is the classic “Hill and Pond,” as we walk past the lower, smaller flora toward the higher ground and taller trees. The bridge represents the transition from the material world into the realm of the spirit, the waterfall the flow of life, and the stones stability.

Red brings wisdom and transformation in Japanese culture. We see that in the Japanese blood grass and the flowers of the Pineapple Sage tree. Orange, as a “compromise” between yellow and red, is a symbol of balance and appears in the orange flowers of the Marmalade bush.

2. Hathaway Gardens

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Why we like it:

Surely, through the rustic arbor, down the flagstone path is an enchanted forest. This garden showcases nature in all its glory: untamed, unmanipulated, unmulched. The firs and hardwoods and bushes grow at random. English ivy creeps onto the flagstone undeterred. Fairy lilies and irises provide the right note of subtle color.

There is a special appeal to a garden design that looks anything but planned.

3. Mindful Garden Design

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Why we like it:

This is a typical English cottage garden with perennials creating a border for an abundance of plants of varying textures, colors, and blooming seasons. It changes “personality” as the seasons change with the boxwoods, English lavender, and ivy. The wrought iron fence adds a vertical and colorful dimension to the design as a trellis for the climbing roses and vines

The beauty of an English-style garden is the opportunity to create unusual combinations of plants, while having flowerbeds that require little to no maintenance.

4. Panoramic Landscapes


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Why we like it:

This path passes through a glorious array of plants on its way to a forest of fir trees. You must pause every few feet to enjoy the sight and scent of flowering plants such as the blue hydrangea, peach dahlia, and white drift rose bushes. The edges of the path are decorated with lemongrass and ivy. In the distance, the blue arctic willow trees await.

5. Lindsey Landscape & Design Inc.


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Why we like it:

This garden transports us to the French countryside. Perhaps Provence. Perhaps, in another age, the subject of an Impressionist painting.

It’s a romantic scene. The unkept grass is soft and nonchalant. Centuries-old stately pine trees lift the eyes upward, while the lilac bush provides a lace-like texture. The Nordmann fir is a dramatic background for the morning glories that have gently entangled themselves around the casually opened gate.

These residential gardens reflect the personalities of their owners, whether formal, casual, traditional, or contemporary, and invite the owners to put aside their workaday worlds and worries to enter the private outdoor oases of natural beauty.

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Lois Crouse