HomeCraft Gutter Protection Review

What if you never had to clean your home ever again? Take a moment and imagine that life. It would be pretty perfect, right? Unfortunately, I can’t promise you will never have to clean your home, but there are companies that aim to eliminate everyday tasks like cleaning your gutters. 

We investigated gutter guards to bring you a comprehensive Homecraft Gutter Protection review so you can decide if gutter maintenance is one chore you would like to check off your list for good.

In this review, we’ll cover: 

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutters have been around since 3,000 BC, giving them ample time to evolve. Like technology aimed to make our everyday lives easier and more efficient, gutter guards help eliminate the unwanted task of regularly cleaning gutters.

At their most basic, gutter guards are a protection system to keep debris out. They fit over your gutters and are commonly made from aluminum, metal mesh, or plastic. Gutter guards are not a 100% fix. Debris builds up more slowly but can still lead to clogged gutters over time. 

Company Origins

Father-son duo Steve and Carey Cochran were working for a competitor in the gutter industry when they realized they could create and sell a superior product. Starting at a small warehouse with a four-person team, Homecraft Gutter Protection was on a mission to solve gutter clogs quickly and permanently.  

Established in 2016, HomeCraft Gutter Protection sells quality gutter guards with installation and repair services. To date, they have served over 20,000 customers and earned a spot with the Better Business Bureau. The family-owned business has grown to a national presence in 12 states. 

HomeCraft Product Highlights

HomeCraft’s gutter guards are 100% metal and work with your existing gutters. The patented system fits over any gutter style, elevating debris with its raised screen technology so water flows through more easily. 

The non-invasive installation attaches the system to your roof’s fascia with reinforced, hidden metal hangers and all HomeCraft gutter guards are color-matched to your existing gutters.  

The 304 marine-grade stainless steel micro-mesh is built for durability, while the powder-coated aluminum frame ensures the gutter guards bend to fit your unique gutter-to-roof slope.

Micro-mesh gutter guards are some of the most effective on the market and are great for homeowners living in debris-heavy areas like the Pacific Northwest. The micro-mesh screen pulls in water and filters debris, leaves, pine needles, and even shingle grit. 

Unique to HomeCraft’s gutter guards, the diamond-shaped, raised screen technology enhances water filtration to block more debris, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about climbing a ladder to clean your gutters. 

Product Specifications

Gutter Guard TypeMicro-mesh
Materials304 marine-grade stainless steel, coated aluminum
ColorsMatched to your gutters
Attachment MethodsNon-invasive


Online quote and estimate
Free inspection

Key Facts

How many states do they serve?12 (Including: AL, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, NC, SC, TN, TX, WI)
Installation optionsProfessional installation only
WarrantyLifetime transferable

How HomeCraft Gutter Protection Works


Unfortunately, HomeCraft keeps a tight lid on the pricing of their gutter guards and installation services, offering free in-person estimates instead. As a guide, however, the national average for gutter guard installation is $1,305

Installation Process 

HomeCraft employs dedicated technicians to inspect and install their gutter guards, using a simple three-step process.

  1. Quote and inspection: After requesting a free quote from HomeCraft’s website, you will schedule a free inspection with a dedicated HomeCraft technician to evaluate your roof and gutter system and receive an estimate. 
  1. Installation: After you schedule an installation date, your technician will clean, seal, and align your existing gutters before installing your new gutter guards. If your existing gutter system is too damaged, they will install a new system or provide gutter repair.
  1. Product Support: The technician will walk you through your new system, and HomeCraft Gutter Protection will continue to provide customer support for the lifetime of your product. 


HomeCraft offers a lifetime transferable warranty. If you decide to sell your home, the warranty transfers to the new homeowner. The warranty covers the gutter guard system, protecting you from future blockages if they should occur. 

How to Purchase HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Requesting a quote and scheduling an inspection is easy. 

Step 1: Start by visiting HomeCraft’s homepage. Enter your zip code and click “Get Free Estimate.”

Home Craft Home page Screenshot

Step 2: Fill out the pop-up form and click, “Get My Estimate.” You will receive a success message. Expect a sales representative to contact you shortly to schedule your free inspection.

Home Craft free Estimate

What Customers Say About HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Next-day installation: I called for a free estimate and was very impressed with the demonstration and samples HomeCraft offers. I was very excited to have the gutter guards installed, and they could perform the installation the next day. The installation was efficient and professional. After they cleaned up, I was shown each downspout and walked through my new system.Laconia, C., Trustpilot

Top-notch customer service: I couldn’t be more pleased with HomeCraft’s gutter protection system. The sales representative explained everything and took the time to educate me instead of just giving me a price. The installation took place within two days and everything went smoothly. The manager even called to welcome me to HomeCraft and was very attentive and professional..” – Nicole, D., BBB

Fair price and quick installation: We had HomeCraft’s system installed today. The sales representative was friendly and professional. As new homeowners, she walked us through the product and installation process. The price was more than fair and the installation only took two hours.– Randy M., Google

Overall rating: 4.3

Our rating is based on the average star rating for 1,500 reviews found on Google, BBB, and Trustpilot

Pros and Cons of HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Customers generally approve of the quality customer service and unique, raised diamond design, but they could do without the sometimes aggressive sales tactics and lack of available pricing information.

✓ Raised design with micro mesh
✓ Works with most roof types, including metal
✓ Works with an existing gutter system
✓ Transferable lifetime warranty
✓ Top-tier customer service
✗ Limited availability
✗ Pricing information unavailable
✗ Aggressive sales tactics

Alternatives to HomeCraft Gutter Protection

HomeCraft Gutter Protection isn’t the only company helping homeowners cut down on gutter maintenance. Check out these noteworthy competitors. 

  • LeafFilter offers micro-mesh gutter guards to protect your home from future water damage and is available in 43 states.
  • LeafGuard offers seamless gutter guards and installation services protecting your gutters from leaves, insects, pollen, and more.

FAQ About HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Can you DIY a HomeCraft system?

No. HomeCraft’s gutter guards are not available for retail purchase. Trained technicians offer free inspections and next-day installation to ensure proper installation, balance, and stability.

How long do gutter guards last? 

HomeCraft’s gutter guards are constructed from lightweight aluminum and will not rust. The gutter protection systems last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. 

Do gutter guards prevent ice dams?

No. It doesn’t matter what type of gutter guard you have installed in your home. They will not prevent ice dams. All gutters and gutter guards will freeze if the temperature is low enough. The best gutter guards for cold climates slope away from your roof, allowing snow and ice to melt quickly. 

HomeCraft Gutter Guards Next Steps

Gutter guards may not be as cool as that expensive, self-emptying vacuum zooming around your house, but they cut down on the time you will spend climbing a ladder to de-muck the yuck from your gutters. 

If you’re in the market for a new gutter or gutter guard system, contact the professional at HomeCraft Gutter Guards to learn how you can eliminate the dirty task of cleaning your gutters. 

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