7 Glamorous Gardens in Los Angeles, CA

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Just because you live in a city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have ample opportunity to relax in a green oasis. Los Angeles is known for its sunny weather and open spaces, so consider a trip to one of these glamorous gardens on your next weekend excursion.

Source: Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden via Wiki Media

1. Descanso Gardens

These gardens pay tribute to the native horticulture of southern California, featuring over 34,000 plants. This massive oasis features five acres of roses, as well as areas dedicated to orchids, ferns, and other native plants. The garden even features a Japanese-American tea house along with the largest camellia collection in North America.

2. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden

These gardens were planted as an educational facility. While you will learn a ton here, there is also plenty of room for enjoyment. This spot contains dozens of waterfalls, trees, flowers, tropical forests – even wild peacocks! This garden also features over sixty magnolia trees, an aquatic garden, and biogeographical collections.

3. James Irvine Japanese Garden

This garden, located in Little Tokyo, is one of the best gardens in the city–but it isn’t easy to find. This garden is not accessible from the street, but is majorly influenced by local culture. These grounds are looked at as an art form, and allow you to experience true harmony with nature. This garden is complete with native foliage, gorgeous waterfalls, and other waterworks.

4. Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

If you’re making a trip to Griffith Park, you have to plan a trip to the zoo and botanical gardens. This area is quiet and secluded, with gardens including over 800 different plant species. A special perk of this garden is that everything is thoughtfully labeled and organized according to habitat (since it is inside the boundaries of the zoo), allowing you to enjoy a bit of education along with your relaxation.

5. Huntington Botanical Gardens

These gardens are located on the property of the Huntington Library, and feature a vast display of botanical gardens. These are divided into several themes, such as a Japanese tranquility garden, a bamboo forest, and a desert landscape. This garden is just as remarkable for its plants as it is for its architecture – the garden is also home to dozens of artistic sculptures, pavilions, and pagodas.

6. Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

This garden is dedicated to being environmentally conscious, with only plants that are considered water-wise. Special areas include a meditation garden, a wildflower meadow, and multiple opportunities for self-guided tours. This certified wildlife habitat is a must, offering countless chances to view butterflies and other species of flower-loving creatures.

7. Robinson Gardens

These gardens are part of the first-ever luxury estate in Beverly Hills, dating back to 1911. This site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features several gardens, including the Italian Renaissance Terrace Garden, the Kitchen/Herb Garden, and the Tropical Palm Garden (rumored to be the largest in the continental United States). The only downside to this garden? You can visit by appointment only.

Pay a visit to one of these glamorous gardens this summer. Many are free or low-cost, and some waive entrance fees for volunteers. A walk in a garden is a great way to relax, unwind, and spend some much-earned time with nature.

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Rebekah White