Report Card: The 14 Most Picturesque High School Campuses in the U.S.

Stadium High School

Majestic. It’s just one of the many ways to describe Stadium High School in Tacoma, WA. The school — originally intended to be a luxury hotel — is rich in history and rich in architectural design.

The two financial backers, Northern Pacific Railroad Co. and Tacoma Land Co., had high hopes for their hotel when they began construction in 1891.

“The hotel was to be so grand, so elegant, so ornate, so artful, so elaborate, so huge, so splendid that other grand hotels would blush with shame at their own silly pretensions,” according to

Grand Plan Falls Apart

The developers, however, ended up being the ones blushing with shame: The would-be hotel never opened because the railroad’s money dried up. The building stood empty for several years until the Tacoma School District rescued it from demolition.

What then was called Tacoma High School opened in 1906. It assumed its current name in 1913. The school’s waterfront football stadium, known as the Stadium Bowl, was dedicated in 1910.

Today, the lovely and sturdy brick-and-limestone school — dubbed the Brown Castle for its castle-style design — is a national historic landmark. The campus offers spectacular views of Commencement Bay, part of Puget Sound, and served as a movie set for 1999’s “10 Things I Hate About You,” starring Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles.  Also, the campus clearly has great lawn care – which is always a plus for a company that lets you book lawn care service near you.

Most Picturesque High School Campuses

Based on its mix of splendid scenery and grand architecture, Stadium High School tops our list of the 14 Most Picturesque High School Campuses in the U.S. But it’s got some close rivals. Check out our rankings below and see whether you think these campuses make the grade.

1. Stadium High School
Tacoma, WA

Why We Like It: This bayside campus is picture-perfect.

Stadium High School

Photo: Pinterest/MaxPreps

2. George Washington High School
San Francisco, CA

Why We Like It: How can you not like a killer view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge?

George Washington High School San Francisco

Photo: Shaw Sports Turf

3. Monument Mountain Regional High School
Great Barrington, MA

Why We Like It: Two words — “monument” and “mountain.”

Monument Mountain Regional High School

Photo: WAMC

4. Monument Valley High School
Oljato–Monument Valley, UT

Why We Like It: Soaring red-rock formations serve as a stunning backdrop.

Monument Valley High School

Photo: Chat Sports

5. Mission High School
San Francisco, CA

Why We Like It: It’s adjacent to Dolores Park, which delivers a panoramic view of the San Francisco skyline. On top of that, the school’s bell tower is an architectural landmark.

Mission High School San Francisco

Photo: Ideias Na Mala

6. American Canyon High School
American Canyon, CA

Why We Like It: The 45-acre campus is surrounded by the eye-popping landscape of Napa Valley.

American Canyon High School

Photo: Kleinfelder

7. Marysville Getchell High School
Marysville, WA

Why We Like It: The campus sits in a lush forest, with mountains visible on the horizon.

Marysville Getchell High School

Photo: Cascade Design Collaborative

8. Lake Forest High School
Lake Forest, IL

Why We Like It: The ivy-covered façade and expansive lawn exude classic charm.

Lake Forest High School

Photo: Jean Wright Real Estate

9. Diamond Ranch High School
Pomona, CA

Why We Like It: The modern, edgy buildings are dramatically situated on a hillside campus that affords a mountain view.

Diamond Ranch High School

Photo: The Red List

10. El Paso High School
El Paso, TX

Why We Like It: Built in the Greco-Roman architectural style and standing near the Franklin Mountains, historic El Paso High School commands your attention. Adding to the allure: It’s said to be haunted.

El Paso High School

Photo: Henry C. Trost Historical Organization

11. Little Rock Central High School
Little Rock, AR

Why We Like It: Little Rock Central High School, which covers two city blocks, blends the Collegiate Gothic and Art Deco architectural styles; the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture praises the school’s “utilitarian design and quality construction.” More important that its beauty: Central High played a crucial role in the desegregation of public schools in the U.S. and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Little Rock Central High School

Photo: Little Rock School District

12. Lakeside High School
Lake Elsinore, CA

Why We Like It: Mountains and palm trees. Need we say more?

Lakeside High School

Photo: City of Lake Elsinore

13. City High School
Iowa City, IA

Why We Like It: The red-brick hilltop school, which dates back to the late 1930s, features a classic bell tower and a massive lawn.

City High School

Photo: Twitter/John Bacon

14. Betty H. Fairfax High School
Phoenix, AZ

Why We Like It: Highlights of this sleek, modern campus include gorgeous landscaping and mountain views.

Betty H. Fairfax High School

Photo: MIIM Designs

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